Tina Kandelaki has recorded a Diss track of rapper milky

Known TV presenter Tina Kandelaki has discovered her talent as a hip-hop artist.

She demonstrated by writing Diss Ivan milky, who has previously called her to battle.

Rapper Ivan milky previously recorded Diss on Tina Kandelaki, calling her to a rap battle. General producer of “Match TV” could not ignore the call and recorded the response to the 23-year-old artist, insulted and publicly humiliated him in his track. Your Diss 42-year-old TV star was read under the same bit that caused her to battle a rapper.

“You call this a beef? Catch the Diss on the milky – analysis of the image of the opponent and with a new take of the track SD”, – wrote in his last tweet, Tina.

Social network users praised First of all for your courage. Listeners believe that the broadcaster, which showed itself from an unexpected side, have a decent answer to your opponent.
“Repite. Here is a real coup”, “Tin Tina cool, spread milky without the right to rehabilitation, just one of the gates, waiting for battle soon, antichip”, “Nicely, our fighter”, “For the first time turned out better than the last milky. That’s all,” ” Tina, You have chosen the right camp)”, “How did you come up with,” write in the comments under the post Tina users of Twitter.
However, some users criticized Kandelaki for chasing the hype and not the best reading of rap, but these users were in the minority.

Recall that the producer Valery Tököl, participating in a show of CTC is “Success”, said the General producer “Match TV” recorded the track in his Studio. Company Tina were by Rickey F, which, apparently, helped the presenter to record a decent answer to Ivan milky.

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