Tina and Valeria was at the center of the scandal: “not shared dress”

Тина Кароль и Валерия оказались в центре скандала: "не поделили платье"

Famous singer Tina Karol and Valeria wearing a dress, one style that has led to disputes, someone who plagiarized

Tina and Valeria, not by agreement, decided to use a similar dress. Users in social networks began to argue, who is more suitable clothing.

Valeria online on his page published a photo where she is preparing to go on stage. The singer dressed in a colourful dress, with rhinestones and red lace hem. While a plunging neckline looked on the singer kept, and noted fans.

Тина Кароль и Валерия оказались в центре скандала: "не поделили платье"

But it turned out that before Tina came out in a similar dress. It is may 23, it was at the wedding of Potap and Nastya Kamenskih. The colors are different but the style is the same.

Earlier we wrote that Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh have officially confirmed their relationship. Rumors of their relationship were long, but the couple never did not talk about them.

But on the wedding day Potap confirmed the speculation and admitted his love for his beloved and talked about marriage. After the ceremony the couple went to celebrate their honeymoon, and then a week later went back for various concerts and filming. The stars are constantly trying to appear together. They publish not only official personnel, but also home — Potapov tells how Anastasia prepares, and Kamensky demonstrates how they train.

Тина Кароль и Валерия оказались в центре скандала: "не поделили платье"

Also published photos from the party. It turned out, Potap with Nastya played and sang there Duo. Wife lit on the anniversary of the ex-regions and Byt the founder of the Tavria games Nicholas Bagraeva.

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The event was also attended by other stars, which entertained the audience. Guests of the evening really became a star, among which also the ex-wife of captain Irina Gorovaya, Alexander Ponomarev, Nadia Dorofeeva husband and Dantes Positive with his wife Anna Zavgorodniy, group Mozgi, Michelle Andrade, Monatik, Tina Karol and others.

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