Timothy showed bloodied legs after a shark bite. PHOTO

On popular Russian rapper Timur Yunusov, acting under the pseudonym Timothy, was attacked by a shark. Pictures of the injuries caused by a marine predator, the singer posted on his Instagram.

All fans of Timothy long known about his biggest hobby is on the second place after the music for the artist is surfing. He calls his surf Board with his harem, and in between performances, recordings, new hits and music videos, the artist travels to the most exotic corners of the world “chasing the waves”. However, the fascination with Timur’s quite dangerous to health and life, what is it today and see for yourself.

A few days ago Yunusov, after a Grand show in Moscow and taking a creative break for an indefinite period, once again went to the coast to surf. Before Timothy showed to subscribers of their Instagram how to “ride the wave”, and today he posted a photo showing what he had to pay for his hobby.

Today Timothy tweeted a photo of his bloodied feet. This picture literally shocked the followers of the artist. Since Timur did not specify where exactly was injured, his fans speculated that the wounds on the body of rapper could leave a small shark.

But judging by the caption to the picture, rapper familiarity with the sea predator is not very scared.
“Part of the food chain ))”, – jokingly commented on the shocking scenes with the rest of Timothy.

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