Timbaland reveals behind the scenes of his collaborations with Madonna, Beyonce and Nelly Furtado

On the occasion of the release of The Pop Game, the new musical show he produces, Timbaland reveals behind the scenes the creation of three songs of stars on which he worked.
That said launching a new show, called promotion and interviews. The opportunity for the successful producer Timbaland to say more about the back of the decor of the profession of producer. He reveals my behind-the-scenes recording of some of the famous songs he has worked on. On the occasion of an interview with Entertainment Weekly , for The Pop Game, the new talent show that product, in particular reveals the hidden meaning of Promiscious ( Nelly Furtado ), 4 minutes ( Madonna ) and Yonce (Beyonce).
Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado
Apparently, the title almost failed to ever see the light of day. Nelly Furtado found this duo with too sexual a connotation. She really did not want to keep him. The producer then told him: “You can not always be the girl who lies down in the grass and playing with birds. I am not talking about exploitation but about staging. ” The song was the last album to be recorded just before the closure. “The moment of truth was to have to play it with the representatives of the label and the rest of the team in the play, ” he confides , ” they all loved and decided that it would be the first single to be released on The United States. ” Like what, Timbaland had a hollow nose …
4 Minutes from Madonna
The atmosphere warmed up when Madonna partnered with Timbaland and Pharell Williams … literally. Indeed, the queen of pop hates air conditioning and usually raises the temperature during her concerts or when recording her studio albums. She is very afraid of losing her voice because of the cold. “It was really hot,” Timbaland recalls, pointing out that it was the star’s only requirement. Madonna has her feet on the ground. ” Before concluding:” It’s incredibly honest most of the time – “It’s okay, no! “- She goes straight to the goal but remains very pleasant in the work and very concentrated. ” A recipe that seems to pay.
Beyoncé’s statement
Beyoncé did not just recruit the best for his eponymous album. She gathered them all in a room, which very rarely happens today. “It was one of the most incredible events that has never been broadcast,” Timbaland says of his collaboration with Beyoncé, Jay Z , Justin Timberlake, and so on. According to him, the team worked in a natural and relaxed way. The pace of Yonce was found, for example, while Justin Timberlake had fun tapping on a bucket. As for the recording of Beyoncé’s voice, he nuances: “She records in her own room with a sound engineer the door well closed.
In addition to his musical program, Timbaland is currently preparing a new album. After eight years of break, the opus should be released by the end of the year.

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