Thugs of Putin’s cowardly killed fighter Mat: photo of the Hero and the details of the tragedy

Головорезы Путина подло убили бойца ВСУ: фото Героя и подробности трагедии

Appeared the details of the death of a soldier in the Donbas APU

Information about the dead Hero was announced by the Chairman of the new Odessa regional Council Alexander Gritsenko, where the warrior came from, reports the Apostrophe

So, yesterday, October 10, at the forefront was tragically killed 22-year-old Yuri Wolf.

Головорезы Путина подло убили бойца ВСУ: фото Героя и подробности трагедии

It is known that the fighter of the APU was born on 10 September 1997 in a large family where was eight children. In 2014 Yuri Wolf graduated from high school, and in the fall of 2017, he was drafted into the army.

At the end of the service, Yuri signed a contract with the APU. First injury, senior sailor marine corps got in 2018, but after treatment, the soldier immediately returned to the front.

It is known that 22-year-old Yuri Wolf died at the hands of an enemy sniper in the Donbas. During another attack he received a wound in the neck which proved fatal.

Головорезы Путина подло убили бойца ВСУ: фото Героя и подробности трагедии

Previously, we reported that the Ukraine suffered another loss in the Donbass in the shelling by the Russian occupation forces “L/DNR”. According to the staff of the FOS over the past day Russian terrorists 25 times violated the ceasefire.

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In particular, as reported at the headquarters of OOS, the enemy fired on the positions of the APU is prohibited from mortars of caliber of 120 mm and 82 mm, APCS, grenade launchers of various systems, sniper and small arms.

Sorry, but the APU once again suffered irreparable losses, not the front. As a result of shelling by the Russian occupation forces “L/DNR” OOS one soldier died from wounds.

From the beginning of the current day Russian mercenaries have already managed several times to break the ceasefire: near Talakivka from the easel anti-tank grenade launcher and small arms; near Novotroitsk – from small arms. Losses in the course of the day among the personnel of the APU was not.

We will remind, Russia pulled to the border with Ukraine record number of military vehicles

As reported Politeka, fighters brutalized: large losses

Also Politeka wrote that the Russian tank came into battle with us what happened, fight footage.