Three super-clinics in the area

attente-pour-prendre-rendez-vousThe Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean could accommodate three super-clinics. According to the criteria of the announcement of the Minister of Health Gaetan Barrette, the goal is to offer a new direct service and reduce pressure on emergency rooms.

It is too early to identify the three GMF who will accept the obligations set by the ministry to become super-clinics with increased accessibility to a doctor for patients who are not enrolled in selected GMF. Areas identified by the university integrated health and social services center (CIUSSS) are Chicoutimi, Jonquiere and Alma.

“Now that the announcement was made and we know the criteria for obtaining the designation super clinics, discussions will be held with family medicine groups interested. This is good news because the super-clinics will complement the FMG service offering to ensure optimal access to all citizens, whether or not matched to a family doctor, “said Karine Gagnon service CIUSSS of communications.

Interprofessional Health Federation of Quebec (FIQ), the announcement of the Government of Québec confirms once again the will of the minister Gaétan Barrette to transfer to his fellow doctors millions of dollars of public resources to the private system. The regional spokesman for the FIQ questions the relevance and especially the effectiveness of the measure compared to the amounts granted.

“The minister said he would provide the GMF that become super-clinical nurses and other professionals of the CLSC in addition to financial incentives they offer services on a larger time frame. We choose to transfer to the private system of public resources “asks the president of the FIQ union of the Chicoutimi hospital, Martine Cote

The FIQ held a clinic for a year in Quebec in providing opportunities for citizens to consult a nurse practitioner. Of the 1,500 consultations during the year, only 5% of those required a consultation with a doctor. Martine Côté believes that the government intends to do with the super-clinics will look like this pilot project. She does not believe the justification to deploy as many resources in doctor’s private practice.

“Despite our results, the department decided to terminate the subsidy it granted for the operation of the clinic. It was designed on the same model that Ontario clinics that work very well in the first line. There is one idea pushed by the Minister Barrette and it boils down to transfer to the private front-line system as it does at the moment with the impact on the public system. ”

The spokesman of the FIQ again raising questions about the feasibility of this project: “I’m looking forward to see how many doctors will agree to work from 7 am to 22 pm at night and on weekends” Martine concluded Cote.

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