Three Rivers saw the roaring twenties with the Satyr

montant-500-000-nouveaux-proprietaires(Trois-Rivieres) It’s a trip back in time as the cabaret Satyr had invited people to its official opening. Most guests adorned in feathers and sequins decor more muted. No doubt: the Satyr Three Rivers plunges directly into the 20s.

After an investment of $ 500,000 and several renovations, the cabaret-show finally opened its doors Saturday night with a show featuring the QWARTZ group.

“Here, it is madness, this is the world of satire,” says Gabrielle Verreault, owner and director of programming and stagecraft.

“It was not us that dictates that, it is the creature who runs the place,” she added, speaking of the character Satyr, which will somehow emblem of the room. “The general atmosphere is exactly what we want to instill. We want people to feel comfortable to be smart. ”

Nostalgic Maquisart could finally discover the changes to the auditorium. It must be said that after being abandoned for nearly 10 years, some saw the need to revive this room to the unique configuration.

“For several years, he went to nothing [in the room] of Maquisart. I’m really glad that he takes life this way with these people, “says Marie Milette.

As co-owner of Hérole, offering immersive experiences, she plunged into the concept of the Satyr with both feet, wearing the typical dress of the Roaring Twenties. She also hopes qu’Hérole Satyr and unite for future projects. “We want to collaborate in concept whatsoever with theme nights or animation,” she confirms.

The owner Gabrielle Verreault reversed the significant amount of money invested to renovate the old Maquisart, a significant amount for young entrepreneurs.

“It’s risky,” she says after some thought. “We are a bit crazy, but at the same time in a year and a half, we had time to test many things our own limits and our skills. I think we’re in for a long journey, “she says.

She recounted the origin of this project, the reunion with a friend who turned into a business project. “In a few exchanges, we realized we could leave a theater. It tumbled down, “says Gabrielle Verreault.

“We all come from very humble backgrounds. We started together to reach it. We had a lot of help around us. It really is not easy money that was searching, that was the hard work. ”

A second cabaret
Cabaret Amphitheatre has entered the cultural scene of Trois-Rivières virtually the same time as the Satyr. Ms. Verreault ensures that collaboration is very good between the two, although each is a bit was surprised to see a concept at first sight similar emerge at the same time.

“We were not aware, but they too were not really aware that we exist,” she says. “But the deal is good,” he hastens to add it. “We exchanged invitations. There is room for everyone, we are not afraid. ”

For now, the Satyr of the hall can accommodate 120 people. This rises to 250 standees. The refurbishment of the mezzanine is in their future plans, which will add forty seats in the room.

The mayor of Trois-Rivières, Yves Lévesque, also came to take a look at this new concept. “I was dazzled. I do not expect as glamorous as that. Good thing I put my coat, “he laughs. On a more serious note, he emphasizes innovation and daring entrepreneurs.

“What amazes me is people. I had the chance to meet young entrepreneurs behind it. They had a dream in a context that is not always easy: the culture. ” “Our role is to invest in our city, to revitalize it.”

It has already some ideas germinating in his mind to know how to find this room. “When you do a conference, we like to have special places to accommodate our guests, our delegates. That’s really something unique, “he notes. “This kind of cabaret, it does not exist elsewhere in Quebec in my opinion.”

The programming will stand by Saturday cabarets that will present productions houses and actors-artists here, worthy of Broadway, we are assured. Many dinner theaters are also expected. The group Radio Radio it happen elsewhere next Friday. All programming is accessible www.satyre.ca .

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