Three people poisoned by chlorine

mini-explosion-eu-lieu-chaudiereSt. John the Baptist ended fishtail for a family of Laterriere, Friday. Three people went by ambulance after being poisoned with chlorine trying to clean their pool.

“There was a bad mix of chemicals, says the chief of operations of the Fire Department, Nicolas Guay. This has created a mini explosion and people were inconvenienced by poison gas. ”

Two ambulances were needed to transport the injured to hospital.

One witness, who was in the house at the time of the incident, said she saw the yellow gas leaving the boiler in which the mixture had been done.

“When I saw that, I immediately made people go into the house. I closed the door and windows, because I wanted to minimize the impact. Fortunately, there were no children, “says the lady, who wishes to remain anonymous.

She believes that the person who made the mixture added too much chlorine. “We think it added a bag of water too. We wanted to dilute the chlorine before putting it in the pool. Usually it is put under, but as it was the first time, it was a shock treatment, “said the witness.

Mr. Guay added that firefighters had to secure the area and ventilate the house, located on the way to Portage Northern Rocks, since gas was infiltrated. “We also had to” control recipe “since there was bubbling. As the reaction took place, there was heat and gas continued to escape, “he says.

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