Three injured in fire in a century home

1222386(Lac-Megantic) A fire broke out Monday morning at 4892 Dollard Street in Lac-Megantic, requiring general alarm. The call came at 9 am 22 to the barracks of fire protection service of Lac-Megantic.

The service manager, Denis Lauzon, asked all the Lac-Megantic fire occur, about twenty, because it was a building near downtown fire. Upon arrival of firefighters, the fire raging in the back, in a second stage housing and already spread to the roof.

“A man lay on the ground bleeding. Neighbors warned us that he had jumped by a second window. He had a cut that was visible. We quickly called the ambulance. Eventually, three people were transported to the hospital to check their health status, with relatively minor injuries. Residents who were lying, no doubt, “he told Mr. Lauzon, in the late afternoon.

Work were effected on the roof to change the asphalt shingles, but it seems that the fire would not be connected to this work, since the fire started in a home.

At some point, the director Lauzon turned to mutual aid firefighters in Nantes, given that his men began to show signs of fatigue, especially because of the heat. “There were removing ceilings with drywall plates and battens with plaster, it required stamina, I did not take any chances. ”

“We controlled the fire quickly enough. But the house, which was a century old, had several roofs were redone over the years, as well as several walls redone. The building dates back to 1912, openwork, with insulation bran saw-among others, which did not help us! A little smoke still coming out, in the early afternoon, we had problems finding and that worried us. We began to return fire to the barracks to 14 h. ”

The investigation continues Tuesday to determine the cause of the fire.

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