“Three feet and…”: doctors stunned a pregnant Russian woman, the ultrasound leaking

"Три ноги и...": медики ошарашили беременную россиянку, снимок УЗИ слили в сеть

In Russia the child was born with three legs, but his problem could be solved with Moscow doctors

Pregnancy mom baby was normal, no morning sickness, boy by all indications should have been born healthy.

The problem was noticed on the ultrasound, but the mother still decided to give birth. In the end, the boy was born with three lower limbs and twice the genitourinary system.

All the child underwent three operations: the first in August 2018 and the second in February of 2019, the third — in September, when he was already a year and two months. The treatment is not finished yet, but the forecasts are most favorable, the child will live a full life.

"Три ноги и...": медики ошарашили беременную россиянку, снимок УЗИ слили в сеть

Previously, we wrote about the fact that in Chernivtsi woman gave birth to a child who has one body and two heads. The birth of conjoined twins recorded in the night of September 28, 2019.

The doctors said that conjoined twins were diagnosed in utero, however, the woman’s own beliefs at the time, refused abortion.

This case is unique for the country and in the world of medical practice. However, this phenomenon has already been observed in other countries. The most famous conjoined twins survived and live to this day with the fullness of life that sisters Abigail and Brittany Hansel from the United States. This is a rare case of twins — iceflow.

"Три ноги и...": медики ошарашили беременную россиянку, снимок УЗИ слили в сеть

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