Thousands of Ukrainians are unable to go abroad: the main causes of failure

Тысячи украинцев не могут выехать за границу: основные причины отказа

780 citizens of Ukraine not released abroad last year

The partner of the legal company Prodigals Roman Saenko on this occasion said: “the Most common reason for limiting out — dodging person from fulfilling the obligations imposed on him by a court decision. These situations include debts for alimony, tax debts, overdue loans, etc.,” — reports the words “Hvilya”.

Тысячи украинцев не могут выехать за границу: основные причины отказа

Lawyer Oleg Protymoshenko in his comments said: “People don’t always know my duty. For example, child support case can be considered a year, and the alimony be awarded from the date of treatment to the court. That is, people may not know about the case, and then he is told that he should already large amount. It can also happen that a debtor pays in cash without a receipt, and the wife then says that no alimony was not.”

The criteria that affect travel abroad, you can always study in Opendatabase. For this you will need to enter your tin and check you in the list of debtors alimony, tax debts, or among people which are wanted.

Earlier it was reported that the guards will check the previous trips of Russians in Ukraine and to figure out if they violated Ukrainian legislation. The state border service not to be missed on the territory of Ukraine during the military status of citizens of the Russian Federation who are not able to confirm the purpose of their trip.

According to the head of the press service of the State border service Andrey Demchenko, in all checkpoints is the strengthening of border control, in accordance with the law on legal regime of martial law a special regime of entry and exit.

Тысячи украинцев не могут выехать за границу: основные причины отказа

“At the border crossing by foreigners and stateless persons, including citizens of the Russian Federation border control officers are empowered interviewing with them. Also, there are groups of risks that may be involved in destabilizing activities in Ukraine”.

Recall, revealed the name of the ship that attacked the Ukrainian in the sea of Azov.

as reported Рoliteka that in Europe, refused to support Ukraine in the conflict in the sea of Azov.

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