Thousands of people lost their entire household appliances: “smoked and melted”

Тысячи жителей лишились всей бытовой техники: «дымило и плавилось»

The townspeople burned all the equipment in houses, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines

The incident happened in Lutsk on several streets. The reason is a burned-out transformer.

People were left without appliances. At night they woke up to the smell of burning and saw that all the appliances smoke and melt. The townspeople panicked, many rushed to save the children and take them to fresh air, writes TSN.

Тысячи жителей лишились всей бытовой техники: «дымило и плавилось»

In the street the residents found that the burning transformer.

Due to its malfunction and there was a strong surge that led to the fact that all of the appliances in the homes went out. According to the victims, there were 330 volts at the rate of 220.

Local energy already in the morning began to urgently change the transformer. Citizens claim that we should have a new set, since the network often had power surges.

However, the employees of “Lucenera” deny this, claiming that with the transformer earlier all was in order. Why he failed and burned out professionals.

Energy also stated that they intend to pay for the repair of equipment to all the victims. Supposedly a special team will begin door to door.

“We will repair, lease, service centers”, – told reporters the Director of the Lutsk branch of “volynyoblenergo” the novel was Roilo.

Meanwhile, lawyers say that the inhabitants are not particularly happy with the initiative of power engineers. And advise just in case to collect evidence – photograph technique. To remove it on video, to take the testimony of neighbors.

People are determined. If they will not pay damages, they will go to court.

Тысячи жителей лишились всей бытовой техники: «дымило и плавилось»

As previously reported, a fire occurred at the Rivne nuclear power plant. As reports a press-service of the Department of Public service on emergency situations in the region, nuclear power plant transformer caught fire.

Within an hour rescuers were able to cope with the flames. It put out 36 people and 10 units of special equipment.

Currently, nuclear power plants operating in the 1 St and 4-th units. As a result of a fire nobody has suffered. Rescuers are assured that the radiation background is within norm.

Recall that the powerful firefighters extinguish the fire at Chernobyl: “the hectares Covered by the forest.”

As reported Politeka, the largest fire occurred in Kiev, the flame blazed for more than a day: what was left of the building.

Also Politeka wrote that the fire broke out in the temple of the UOC before Easter: there was a video of incident.