Thousands of people come to England to see the unique gorilla to Ambah

Interestingly, the DNA of gorillas is 98% identical with human DNA.

Тисячі людей приїжджають в Англію, аби побачити унікальну горилу Амбам

Here it is an example of real evolution! This gorilla just getting to his feet and walks like a Homo sapiens! Gorillas are the strongest and most intelligent of all species of primates, the mind they are at the level of a chimp, informs Rus.Media.

Although gorillas can walk on their hind legs, they usually still prefer to walk on four. There is no obvious language, but they can produce 22 different sounds that use to communicate with each other.

Almost a third of the day, gorillas spend on food, another third in search of food and games, and the rest of the time they sleep or rest.

Gorilla DNA is 98 percent identical to human DNA, thus, gorillas are some of the closest relatives of modern humans, including baboons and chimpanzees.

The ambah – silver gorilla that lives at the wild animal Park in England. At first glance, the animal is no different from their peers. However, if you watch him a little longer, you will see something unusual.

Turns out the Ambah is not only able to stand on two feet like a man, but moves like. The zoo staff tell that the gorilla just watched people and tried to imitate them. Hambamu been a struggle with the retention of balance. But when he has mastered this science, he did not stop there. He began to move around on foot. This is truly a magnificent sight!


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