“Thomas doesn’t exist”: Poroshenko pulled off a Grand deception, the reputation of Ukraine destroyed

"Томоса не существует": Порошенко провернул грандиозный обман, репутация Украины уничтожена

Tomos and the creation of the United Church recognized the illusion, created by President Petro Poroshenko in their own interests

Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky said, as the guarantor cheated Ukrainians and priests. In his YouTube video, he referred to the recent appeal of partriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchy Philaret.

So the priest said that the Kyivan Patriarchate exists. This is contrary to last year’s statements, according to which the UOC-KP dissolved and flows into the Orthodox Church of Ukraine headed by Metropolitan Epiphany. Supposedly, Filaret agreed with President Poroshenko that for the sake of Thomas, the Kyivan Patriarchate would renounce their independence only for the mind and the words will come under the control of Constantinople. According to Filaret, Epiphanius will be a puppet Director and representative of PCU, and the true power will remain with him. That’s just a young Metropolitan decided to break the agreement and to usurp power.

"Томоса не существует": Порошенко провернул грандиозный обман, репутация Украины уничтожена

Alexander Dubinsky said that Tomos was another failed reform the current President Petro Poroshenko.

“The creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, and all that did Poroshenko, was on*bloom. Now with his departure all display reform crumble and fall like sand. And we’re seeing a real facade wretched dilapidated buildings. Because nothing does not exist. In fact, Tomos was obtained Poroshenko deceit”, — the journalist emphasized. — “All falls down”.

In his opinion, in order to obtain Tomos, Petro Poroshenko agreed with cheat Filaret, Metropolitan of Constantinople. And having received desirable, the President decided to deceive the Patriarch. Alexander Dubinsky compare Tomos with a non-existent gas Ukraine’s independence from Russia. The current President lit all Orthodox Ukrainians. And especially those who supported Poroshenko in the elections for religious achievement. Alexander Dubinsky stressed that large-scale fraud Garant actually destroyed the international reputation of Ukraine.

"Томоса не существует": Порошенко провернул грандиозный обман, репутация Украины уничтожена

Earlier, the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Filaret commented on the rumors that allegedly Ukraine may lose the Tomos of autocephaly. According to him, the existence of the Kyiv Patriarchate in Ukraine does not violate Tomos:

“In order for us to unite, we need to keep the Ukrainian Church as a Patriarchate, but only within Ukraine. We outside Ukraine, do not claim to recognition of us as a Patriarchy. And therefore grounds for confiscation Thomas no. Because we hold ourselves out as the Kievan Metropolitanate”.

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