This week in Here : this presenter is no longer alone ! – Here

An overview of what you reserve the new number Here ? It is here !

Loneliness ? Very little for it. She has more than ever need to get out, to share, to laugh… to live. And since a few weeks, she seems to have found a worthy partner of his desires. It is elegant, cultivated and full of humor : you are the presentation !

After having gone through a period of dark, this star that you love seems to be taken over ! It is filming in the south of France that we found her and to see her radiant smile, no doubt, the moral is back on the mend ! It tells you more, exclusive pics to support.

In summary, the relationship of Katie and Jamie Foxx are experiencing severe turbulence, the new romance of the stainless Mick Jagger, or even those stars who are fully released for Halloween.

All this, and much more to discover in your favorite magazine at the newsstand tomorrow and available now on your tablet. And for sure not to miss a number Here, check out our exceptional offers !

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