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Life smiled at him. When it is not in the office, to comment on and analyze the information in all its forms, this journalist finds his own. A blended family united and who knows how to enjoy good times together. Between walks or bike rides, they know how to give nice moments to five. Don’t miss all of our photos excluded.

It is finished ! After five months of love (he would even believe she might be THE good one), this French actor falls out of the top. Her pretty blonde did not only for her beautiful eyes, but also (and especially ?) for his address book is full. It explains everything, secrets to support.

A little over a month after the start of the school tv, nothing is in Key not at my post… which is going through a bad patch. Overwhelmed by Daily life, the issue of his rival Yann Barthes, Cyril Hanouna is even more uncontrollable than last year. What about his good resolutions ? What is the atmosphere among the chroniclers ? It reveals to you all, exclusive news to support.

In summary, the portrait of Harvey Weinstein, the man at the heart of the scandal to Hollywood, the marital crisis of Shakira and Gerard Piqué and the interview Agathe Auproux. And this week, on the occasion of our Special accessories (absolutely essential), Here comes in XL version. The new issue on newsstands tomorrow is available now on your tablet. And for sure not to miss a number Here, check out our exceptional offers!

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