“This never happened”: a historical footage of rocket launch Elon musk

«Такого еще не было»: появились кадры исторического запуска ракеты Илона Маска

Rocket, the Falcon Heavy compan Ilona Mask Space X uspsa was viola space Telecomunicazioni satellite Aradsat-6A for Saudia Arab

About TSE podomatic in acount compan on Twitter.

“Pdfengine uspsa rosgarten Arabsat-6A to orbit geosynchronous peredach — completion perso Comercio MS Falcon Heavy!”, — we are talking in podollan.

Have compan doda, scho on the marketplace on MIS Canaveral uspsa prizemlilsya two pediluvia I Tsentral’nyi block vaico missiles.

«Такого еще не было»: появились кадры исторического запуска ракеты Илона Маска

Vjnetcast scho the launch of CCB stolichnym. Space X vpershe unable povernuti I uspsa, posaditi all three stupen missiles, ukljucujuci centralino. Online broadcast led on the Youtube canal compan.

Moreover, TSE has th Perche in history komerciniu the launch of the Falcon Heavy.

Podorozhny Arabsat-6A Waga mayzhe 6 tons guilty zabezpechiti access to telekomunikacii traps on Blizkomu Shot, Clubbing I Afric.

As SpaceX has postponed the launch of the first komerciniu missiles, the Falcon Heavy for 10 Quine, so Yak on this day accuwave better Pogodin umove. In resultat run vdbase 11 quota for mccewen hour. Have KOMPAN said scho , nipotino Falcon Heavy rocket, s quiet, scho znahoditsya in exploits.

Have Cerwin 2018 Musk Papisov contract with the Pentagon at the conclusion of the space of the new vijskovomu of the satellite AFSPC-52 for DOPOMOGA Falcon Heavy. The launch got Budisa in 2020 rotsi. Sum contract put she her 130 million dollars.

Earlier it was reported that the company is Elon Mask SpaceX, invited everyone to look inside their best missiles

The company SpaceX Elon Mask pleases a detailed video starts, showing footage from all possible angles: from the ground, the drone and the missile itself, which is tested for flying. They set a camera at each stage, about engines and under the fairing. The most amazing is happening inside the rocket, it appears the camera can be installed directly into the fuel tank.

On the ground and in the active phase of the flight the fuel and oxidizer are pressed against the bottom walls of the tanks.

«Такого еще не было»: появились кадры исторического запуска ракеты Илона Маска

Recall, SpaceX made a breakthrough in space, the future will affect everyone, spectacular video.

As reported Politeka, SpaceX will help people, soon the mankind will have to mine minerals on asteroids.

Politeka also wrote that the company SpaceX has set an incredible new record.