“This is war!”: Russians revolt against Putin, footage of the events on the streets in Russia

"Это война!": россияне взбунтовались против Путина, кадры происходящего на улицах в РФ

In the Russian Irkutsk staged a rally against President Putin

His main message was “For a change politely, socio-economic policy and the compliance with the Constitution of Russia”. The meeting was attended by about 50 people. The protesters demanded the resignation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The action organized by Russian human rights activists, supported by the representatives of the “libertarian party”, the anarchists, the activists of the movement “National-Patriotic forces of the Irkutsk region” and the regional headquarters of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

“Demand the change of political elites, regime change is the main theme of our activities. We believe that the power should be subject to recall and legitimate. And what is happening now – it’s hereditary nobility. And we absolutely do not like”, the man said the Bulk of staff Anton Zhukovets.

"Это война!": россияне взбунтовались против Путина, кадры происходящего на улицах в РФ

The participants of the rally were holding posters: “Vote for the edross – you are a traitor of our Motherland”, “Teachers rigged elections under the people’s court!”, “What in the world consider poverty, we call stability,” “I am against government intervention in the Internet”, “no One shall be subjected to torture”.

“In particular, we demand the abolition of the VAT increase, as we see today, that business raises prices and people run out of money. We are constantly on TV saying that people have the money, but in life we see that there is no such money. Across the country now rallies, and at us in Irkutsk silence. So we decided to start this series of meetings”, – told the organizer of the protest, human rights activist Dmitry Ponomarenko.

He noted that the small number of participants due to the fact that the organizers did not have time to properly notify residents about the upcoming protests, as just did not expect that the municipality will agree on the rally (in recent months sounded permanent failures). In addition, permission was granted on the eve of a holiday weekend, when many residents couldn’t change their plans.

"Это война!": россияне взбунтовались против Путина, кадры происходящего на улицах в РФ
In the course of the rally organizers said that they open the season of protests. In particular, it is timed to the upcoming elections of the new convocation of the Duma of Irkutsk, which will be held in the fall. In subsequent actions the activists are going to talk about potential candidates of “United Russia” not to allow them to power. Supporting this theme, Anton Zhukovets told the audience about the portal “Smart vote.”

The meeting lasted about an hour, at the end of the protest, the participants voted unanimously for the resolution. Basic requirements – the immediate repeal of the laws on raising the retirement age, the value added tax, tariffs for garbage removal; the decriminalization of articles of the code of administrative offences of contempt, fake news; the abolition of the law on the so-called Autonomous the Internet; the resignation of the President and government of Russia. The organizers plan to send the resolution to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Russian state Duma and the Federation Council of Russia.

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