This is very bad for the stomach: named for a popular food habits of Ukrainians

Это сильно вредит желудку: названы популярные пищевые привычки украинцев

Harmful eating habits can harm our stomach

Drink food, start eating fatty and heavy foods to eat for dinner, meat, nuts and breads to make snacks Kiev therapist-nutritionist Tatiana fialkova told about the seven major harmful eating habits that harm the gastrointestinal tract. The specialist wrote on his page in Facebook.

Это сильно вредит желудку: названы популярные пищевые привычки украинцев

After the main meal to eat harmful fruits and other sweets.

“This leads to bloating, poor absorption of food. Fruits are best consumed separately or before the main meal, as an aperitif,” explains violet.

Also bad food after a big pause hurriedly chew and start eating fatty, heavy and especially cold food (cold dishes cooked with fat, nuts, oily fish, oily cold dessert, mushrooms with fat). If after Breakfast a second full meal is in the evening, it is better to start it with warm tea, and then plant foods. You need to prepare the gastrointestinal tract to work, remove the spasm of smooth muscles warmth and to give him time on the secretion of digestive juices.

According to nutritionist, it is harmful to wash down the food, or drink beverages in the first two hours after a meal. In this case, violated the process of digestion, which contributes to the development and exacerbate the bacterial overgrowth syndrome.

It is not necessary to experience strong emotions while eating. Better calm down, drink warm water or herbal tea. and the meal to begin with thoughts about food. Ideally.

Snacking between regular meals contribute to the development of insulin resistance and weight gain.

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Not worth eating for dinner meat, cheese, fatty fish, mushrooms, bread. These foods cause a syndrome of excessive bacterial growth, increasing the burden on the kidneys and liver.

Это сильно вредит желудку: названы популярные пищевые привычки украинцев

Also, be aware the freshness of the food.

“Remember the main rule of Ayurveda that is not devoid of deep meaning: cooked but cold food good body brings!”, — added the nutritionist.

Recall the rules of Breakfast, what foods you can eat on an empty stomach

As reported Politeka named products, which cannot be combined: it is a blow.

Also Politeka wrote that nutritionists concerned about the dangerous habits of Ukrainians