This is the Auto weekend and spring!

on-peut-voir-photo-directeur(La Tuque) Spring is finally tip the nose and, as is their habit, 33 car dealers in the region will celebrate his arrival by opening their doors until Sunday for the 22nd Auto weekend. The event starts on Thursday.

“Obviously we want to sell cars, it is our goal, but we also want people to come see our products and they come to see the financing facilities we have with our friends from the National Bank”, lance the outset the general manager of the Canadian automobile Dealers Mauricie (CCAM), André Verner.

The latter was presented at several dealerships in the region on Wednesday with Jean-Marc Chaput to motivate sales teams and officially launch the event.

“This is not a transaction they make, it is a relationship. […] We must be in relationship with the customer. That’s what I try to explain the change from one transaction to a relationship, “said the experienced motivational speaker Jean-Marc Chaput.

Last year, 696 vehicles were purchased during the Auto weekend. The teams had passed very close to beating the 2008 record of 698 cars.

This is also the figure who will fight in 2016. “Our magic number is 700. We do not want to exaggerate, we want to sell 700 cars in four days,” said André Verner.

“It is no exaggeration to dream high, 1000 is a round number,” corrected Mr. Chaput.

However, we know that Mother Nature could have a say in the equation. Auto organizers weekend hoping his full cooperation.

“It is somewhat related to temperature. If the birds are there, people go out! In Trois-Rivières, there is the Book Fair at the same time. People go out and they will perhaps pass a concession. They will be able to do two things at once, “hopes Mr. Verner.

The various car dealers in the region want to enjoy the excitement of the new season to revive nothing short sales.

“It marks the change of season each year. It’s nice, dealers are open. It gives the opportunity to the customer to walk, shop, watch, take the time it would perhaps not normally. Offers are also very aggressive, “said Philippe Champoux, communications adviser at Le Prix du Gros.

As for the results, Mr. Champoux is clear. Sales are best “if it was closed.”

The 22nd edition of the Auto weekend Mauricie runs from March 17 to 20 inclusive.

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