“This has not happened”: the Ukrainian city covered an environmental disaster, people suffocate

«Такого еще не было»: украинский город накрыла экологическая катастрофа, люди задыхаются

In one of the Ukrainian cities – a real ecological disaster

Residents complain of shortness of breath, coughing and dizziness.

An environmental disaster has covered the city of Lutsk. There after the mass of complaints of local residents on the malaise Volyn laboratory center of the Ministry of health reviewed the air. It turned out that the content of ammonia in the air exceeded the norm by 22 times, and that of hydrogen sulphide 10, writes UNIAN.

«Такого еще не было»: украинский город накрыла экологическая катастрофа, люди задыхаются

The culprit of poor health has rightly deemed the company that produces ethyl alcohol. In those places where it dumps its waste, and took air samples.

The production runs for three years and environmentalists have repeatedly drawn the authorities ‘ attention to the fact that it poisons people, polluting the air.

The city government appealed to the Prosecutor with the requirement to conduct a formal test of the enterprise.

“Shocked, frankly. For so many years, shocked, because this was. A significant excess and, of course, it affects the health status of the population”, – said the head of the Volyn Department of laboratory centre, Ministry of health of Ukraine Oxana Kolobkova.

As previously reported, due to a fatal error dozens of European countries will be struck by a powerful dose of radiation.

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The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has warned the public about the ecological catastrophe that looms over all of Europe. The Ukrainians are in the midst of a deadly threat. The official said on his page in Facebook.

To disastrous consequences of the actions of the Russian invaders in the Donbas. Already an ecological disaster hangs over five cities in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The Minister writes that in 1979, under the city Bunge Soviet authorities staged a strong nuclear explosion. Underground was formed the radioactive glass capsule containing hazardous isotopes of cesium and strontium. If the shell is destroyed, radiation will hit the groundwater. The contamination will spread to a huge area, and even reach Europe.

«Такого еще не было»: украинский город накрыла экологическая катастрофа, люди задыхаются

The separatists only worsen the situation. As found by the representatives of the OSCE, in the spring of 2018 Bunge mounted pumps for pumping water. Experts suggest that just a couple of years of radioactive water will dilute the soil and penetrate into the nearest river and from there to the sea of Azov and the Black sea.

In the village of Novgorod in the Donetsk region there are phenolic plant, which discharges into a septic hazardous chemicals. The attacks that occurred in 2014, destroyed the dam protecting the river from harmful substances. If the design does not stand, the flow of chemical waste will rush straight into the sea of Azov.

We will remind, ecological accident in Crimea, the people raised the alarm: “destroy all life”

As reported Politeka, Dnipro were on the verge of environmental catastrophe: in which areas of special danger.

Also Politeka wrote that large-scale disaster has befallen the Ukrainians: region wave abnormalities