Thirty years was friends with the evil! Disclosed the truth about the curse Putin: “the skeletons right in the wall”, the atrocities continue

Тридцать лет дружил с нечистой! Раскрыта правда о проклятии Путина: «скелеты прямо в стене», зверства продолжаются

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now based in the most cursed place of the Russian Federation

The territory of the Moscow Kremlin – a terrifying place as a sacred space, it became terribly dangerous to its inhabitants. This is referred to in the blog

“The Kremlin, as a fortification, for many years during the development of the Moscow state played the role of the fortress, where he provided security leadership. Later during the first Tsar of Russia Ivan III, this place became a religious center.”

Тридцать лет дружил с нечистой! Раскрыта правда о проклятии Путина: «скелеты прямо в стене», зверства продолжаются

As you know, underground passages, tombs, abandoned facilities have become the haunts of ghosts and dark energy, this was the reason for the transfer once the capital of Russia in “clean”, St. Petersburg. But the author points out that the bloodthirsty of the Soviet leaders, beginning with Lenin’s own nature is close “to the demons, and returned to a more comfortable place”:

“…Compared to the Smolny Kremlin – purgatory. Why don’t you stay, for example, in the Hermitage? Logically placed in the Royal mansion, and for institutions of government to use the buildings of the former government. But Lenin was initially sought in the Kremlin, knowing its mystical properties, and is also able to provide government secrecy. Only there was easy to create the socket, hell’s kitchen, so necessary for Lenin and his followers”.

Not enough facts of the brutal killings under the Soviet regime remembers the story:

“Innumerable secret and public burial is not inveterate by the priests of the people, including the obvious villains. Place of skulls, the grave under the bridge, the skeletons in the Kremlin wall, the Mausoleum create an eerie ensemble of the accursed place and its energy stifles and corrupts the soul of anyone who would be there even with the purest intentions. On the body of Russia, the Kremlin is nothing like a “black hole””.

Тридцать лет дружил с нечистой! Раскрыта правда о проклятии Путина: «скелеты прямо в стене», зверства продолжаются

The author insists that the current government of the Russian Federation continues spinning around in the most terrible place and “do terrible things”:

“In ancient times, on the Borovitsky hill was the temple – race to witch mountain, where magicians pagans made mysterious rituals. Nocturnal inhabitants of the hill believe that the Kremlin constantly appear the ghosts of Ivan the terrible, torn of false Dmitri, Lenin and other strange personalities as well as hanging in his office of Marshal Akhromeyev and burned in a barrel komendanta Kremlin Fanny Kaplan. On the territory of the Russian center of the Board is 16 cemeteries and graveyards!”, as stated in the material.

The Kremlin must be destroyed, insists the narrator — Putin, it is necessary to move or remove this “city of the dead and murdered”.

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As previously reported, in the Internet ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin, who decided to organize in the country a special laboratory. Footage of recognition issued promoter Dmitry Smirnov.

“Putin on Sirius : We create a unique model of education, in the fullest sense corresponds to the high requirements of the future. But the question is much broader — the entire project should become a laboratory for creative freedom and experimentation “, — stated in the message.

Тридцать лет дружил с нечистой! Раскрыта правда о проклятии Путина: «скелеты прямо в стене», зверства продолжаются

Note that network users have embraced the new tales from Putin’s caustic comments.

“Let down”, “Tales of a grandfather Volodya, at least for something popiaritsya! What’s with the trash reform “,” the Sirius no longer pour “,” Apparently, everything is under control “, ” Back pussy*t, you bald freak! If education is so good then why the fuck freaks of his gang their children sent to study at the “decadent” West and gay Europe? Should this monster and his entire crew put in a capsule and send it to Sirius — one of the distant stars”,” Again x*ynyu some carries orangefor bald. Fu. Stuff. How ashamed to have a coward President. Shame, ” they write.

We will remind, Putin “hidden” from Tarantino, adventure Director in the Kremlin blew up the network.

As reported Politeka, archival photo of Putin conquered network, shame the whole world can see.

Also Politeka wrote that found “owner” of Putin and his place of residence.