Thinner Potap showed spicy stills from vacation with Kamensky: “Younger”

Похудевший Потап показал пикантные кадры с отдыха с Каменских: "Помолодел"

Famous Ukrainian singer and presenter Alexei Potapenko, acting under the alias Potapov, pleased his fans a new photo

Hot images celebrity pensively sits at a school before eating and shows amazing balance with a soccer ball, not forgetting sport and leisure. So, on his page in Instagram Potapov published a photo from a trip to Turkey, where he went with Nastya Kamenskih, which may 4, celebrated a birthday.

Похудевший Потап показал пикантные кадры с отдыха с Каменских: "Помолодел"

“I think about balance,” — signed photo artist.

In turn, fans Potap began to actively discuss the rest in comments. Many noted. That Potapov was very thin, however, and younger, many said its good shape and delicious taste:

“Younger fun”, “Our Potapchik all thinner and prettier”, “You lost so much weight… Handsome!”, “Potap great you are”, “And Potapchik lost”, “Absolute harmony”, “Alex, You look beautiful”, “Gorgeous guy”, “looking Good”, “About Dance Balance”, “Potap you were cool” “Oh this tattoo on left hand”, “Oh, your good eyes,” wrote fans under the staff.

Earlier popular singers Nastya Kamenskih and Potap again fueled rumors about his novel, going on holiday to Turkey. Famous Ukrainian singer has long been suspected affair with her producer and popular singer Potap.

The couple says nothing, but from time to time gives rise to discussion of its fans. So, on the pages of celebrities in social networks there were photos from Turkey, where they most likely arrived together.

Похудевший Потап показал пикантные кадры с отдыха с Каменских: "Помолодел"

Nastya Kamensky in their Instagram Stories has published two photos, one of which put the geolocation of the ANS, Antalya, Turkey. In the second picture the singer in full growth seen in the mirror: she wore black leggings with a white long t-shirt, adding to the image of the jacket in a military style and sneakers. Hair Nastya Kamensky collected in a careless bunch, and her face is no makeup.

Recall, Potap Kamenskih showed in a wedding dress she could not resist

As reported Politeka, Potap showed a stormy night with Kamensky: “a warm embrace each other”

Politeka also wrote that the farm is stunned to recognize about Kamensky: “Love.”