Things you should not do in front of children

What do you think a small change can have a big impact on the child’s personality.

Речі, які категорично не можна робити перед дітьми

Children look to their father and mother, and learn from their behavior, manners and way of life. Therefore, parents should not just tell children how to live, and to show it by example. It is the parents (not the teacher, babysitter or grandma) needs to raise the son of hard-working, kind and courteous, and teach your daughter to value herself, informs Rus.Media.

Duties of parents is the most difficult but the most important duty in the world. But it is to raise the child as many positive qualities. And they are inculcated from childhood and his own example.

If you want to love a walk in the fresh air, go for a walk with them. Want to they were friendly with others, be such. Don’t want them Vitali foul language – watch your language. Be sure that if you smoke or drink – your kids will do this when I grow up. They absorb all the experiences of parents indiscriminately, without filtering what is good and what is bad.

We list 6 things not to do when children.

Do not comment and do not insult other people

Discuss the people behind you in principle ugly, and very bad if you do it in the presence of their children. Especially if you do not want to spoil relations with obgovarivali man.

Children are sure to remember everything said, and at the most inopportune moment to speak up and put you in an awkward position. Avoid sarcasm or ridicule – children will quickly pick up this style, but it may prevent them from interacting with humans.

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Don’t criticize your partner

To criticize the wife (or spouse) in the presence of children is to undermine his authority. No matter how, children should respect their parents but if they hear insults and criticism, doubting the significance of authority. And when she grows up, will behave with her partner.

If you really want to say something to your partner, do it when were alone. In the presence of children speak peacefully and with respect.

Don’t lose your temper

They say that patience is a virtue. Be patient and Mature, and not be nervous on trifles. This is especially true of your children. Young explorers interested in so many things, they ask lots of questions and don’t leave until they get an answer.

Childhood is a time that tests you as parents. Always scattered toys, crumbs on the floor, scuffling and shouts who want to withdraw from itself. But nevertheless, try not to be nervous. And especially avoid breakdowns on children and irritation if you’re mad at someone else.

Don’t ignore children

So, the children will have many questions and answer them can be very tedious. But again, patience is the key. Respond to them, or they will ask questions others may not be so reliable. In addition, when they want to talk to you, give them time to listen and give advice.

Who can be a better listener than the parents?

Do not use gadgets constantly

Phones, tablets and other gadgets used by all. However, for children should be restricted and it is necessary to show by example.

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After all, if mom always sits in the phone, then the child will want to do the same. In any case, immersion in the virtual world should be measured. Let them go outside to play, chat and have fun with other children.

Do not lie

And finally, do not lie, and this applies to “white” lies. A white lie is when we lie about to protect from the consequences. But the habit of lying very quickly baked, and soon your children will be masterly to deceive you with or without cause. Avoid lies that that did not happen! Because the rejection of falsehood fixed in children under 6 years of age.

Remember this and continue to avoid such things.

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