Thieves tandem? Who buys Kiev?

Воровской тандем? Кто скупает Киев?

While the attention of Ukrainians was focused on the presidential elections in the capital was a massive redistribution of property. The factory “Forge on Rybal’s’ke”, earth on the Big Vasylkivska 35, 35B, 37, a business center on the Big Vasylkivska 39, TC “arena city”, a network of pharmacies “Cosmo” dramatically changed owners – and that’s just what was in the publication of the official media

It is reported Versii.

All these deals POPs up the name of former regions Sergei Tigipko. The same one that founded the “PrivatBank”, the commander of the headquarters of Yanukovych, he worked in the governments Lazorenko, Pustovoitenko, Yuschenko, Tymoshenko… the List of regalia is long.

“LC Business” said that Group DF Dmitry Firtash has sold to structures of Sergei Tigipko retail and office center “arena city”. Premises with a total area of 14 000 sq m will now bring Tigipko profit to $50 per square meter per month. From now on visitors of restaurants, shops and office tenants, “Arena” will increase the already considerable human capital, hitryuschego from the 90s to stay afloat with any authority.

“Liga.Business” talked about the purchase of insurance company TAS Sergei Tigipko the business center on the Big Vasylkivska, 39 land plot of 0.26 ha. Seller was state UGB. The neighbouring plot of land at Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya 35, 35B, 37 is also moved the same oligarch. On the area of 0.44 hectares previously planned construction of a hotel complex. published news about another purchase by a group of Sergei Tigipko PJSC “Plant “the Smithy on the Rybalsky”.

The press service of the plant reported that it had reached “an agreement on the sale of shares of the domestic businessman.” At the same time, the edition of “Hvil” in 2016, announced the “purchase” Insurance group TAS the Cyprus company. Other assets “Patriotic businessman” have the same offshore registration and taxes in Ukraine, respectively, do not pay. Previously, “the Smithy on the Rybalsky” belonged to Petro Poroshenko and Igor Kononenko. According to UNIAN, in place of the factory Tigipko along with the development company City One Development Valeria Kodetskogo plans to implement a large-scale project Lipki Island: office center of class A leasable area of 50,000 sqm and 36 houses of 2 to 30 floors 6 200 apartments.

Also named Tigipko, a pop-up of several Cypriot companies, attributed the controversial construction of the street Antonovich 136-138 where going to build a 115-meter high-rise building, which is a gross violation of town planning rules. How many of these transactions remained “behind the scenes” – nobody knows.

Weak attempts to counteract are still being taken. Recently, the media was the news that the Antimonopoly Committee fined 55 million UAH group “TAS” for the purchase of the plant “Dneprometiz”, held in violation of the law. However, the air force told an instructive story about how Sergei Tigipko has violated the decision of the High court of London, helping his daughter to take the children of British citizens, in Kiev. So the violation of Ukrainian legislation is not the limit.

Who owns the Kiev? It is unlikely that the Kiev. Now, going to the store, pharmacy, restaurant – there is a high probability that our money would swell the capital of the person, a well-known phrase, uttered in front of the Luhansk sbushniki on the eve of war: “Hold on, guys – in 2 months we are in Russia”. And the best of Kiev shopping center, hotels (Radisson Blue, bought from the Russians for$ 10 million, for example) and the business centers belong to the Ukrainians. Who does their capital? Think.