Thierry Leroux policeman receives the Medal of dedication

thierry-leroux-emploi-service-policeTwo men from the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, whose Thierry Leroux policeman died in service on 13 February, and the Christian German citizen, received a distinction at a ceremony presented at the 10th Appreciation Day police on Monday in Nicolet.

The Leroux family received posthumously the Medal of dedication on the part of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy, Minister of Public Safety and Minister responsible for the Montreal region, Martin Coiteux.

During a police intervention in the Aboriginal community of Lac-Simon this winter, Thierry Leroux, aged 26 and a resident of the Bay, was shot dead by a native while responding to a call for a quarrel. The employee of Lac-Simon of police succumbed to his injuries.

“This honor is unfortunately not fill your absence and will not break the great distress that we currently live. But though today, Thierry, your name is added to all the heroes who helped build Quebec and Canada. Despite the pain that gnaws at us, we are all very proud of our hero, our Thierry, “expressed his father, Michel Leroux, his voice breaking with emotion, when the tribute to his son.

“We are all aware: police work is unpredictable, reacted Martin Coiteux in a statement. During a career, it can be called to ask acts of courage, or witnessing remarkable acts of citizens. It sometimes happens, unfortunately, that interventions have fatal consequences. On behalf of the Quebec government and the people, I wish to pay tribute to all police officers and citizens who, through their dedication, contribute to Quebecers’ safety. ”

Citation of Honor

The Christian German citizen received the Citation of Honor for action taken on the night of August 25 on the Ashuapmushuan River in Saint-Félicien. The Félicinois had supported a police operation in his boat, coming to the rescue of a man who had to jump off the bridge Saint-Félicien.

A policeman had gone to seek help Mr. Germain, who reacted quickly. The two men had managed to pull the individual in distress in waters Ashuapmushuan before he drowns.

“As a gesture of selflessly Christian Germain helped save a desperate young man from drowning,” it said in the statement.

Twenty-five Decorations and Citations of Honor were presented at Monday’s ceremony. Since 1972, the Quebec government has granted 128 Cross for bravery, 316 Medals for meritorious, 188 citations and 34 Medals of Honor dedication.

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