Thierry Ardisson, explains that it refused to “fixing the installation” at the request of Anne Nivat – Here

Accused by Anne Nivat want to make the buzz by spreading the sequence where she complained of the columnist Tom Villa in Hi earthlings, Thierry Ardisson replied that he had refused to ” fake editing “, preferring to “show things” as they were in the past.

The small war is going on between Thierry Ardisson and Anne Nivat. Last Saturday in Hi earthlings, viewers have discovered the well-tempered character of the war reporter. Invited on the plateau of the issuance of C8 in the company of her husband, the journalist was upset not to have been submitted that as the wife of Jean-Jacques Bourdin by columnist Tom Villa. She had requested that he redo his column.

A sequence kept to the timeline that, if she did take off the hearings, was also fairly pissed off Anne Nivat. Invited on Monday night in C to you, she was taken violently with the methods of the man in black : “I’m not going to say thanks to Ardisson because I find that the mounting methods are not methods that I like “. The story could have stopped there. The facilitator of Salvation, the humans chose to respond to his guest.

Joined by jeanmarcmorandini.com Thierry Ardisson explained that the reality was ” quite different “. According to him, the journalist did not want this passage appears on the screen : “In fact, Anne Nivat asked me to rig the mount and I refused. She asked me to cut the whole passage in which she complained after the performance of Tom Villa. She wished that the moment where Tom Villa returns to the plateau and the present, quoting from his book is glued to the first version of his chronicle as if nothing had happened “.

A claim rejected by the moderator of C8, which has not made a friend in the person of Anne Nivat : “I refused to do this editing, preferring to show things as they are carried out on the plateau and that is why she is angry with me ! “After the next episode…

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