They are in the fridge at all: most wanted popular products

Они есть в холодильнике у всех: особо опасные популярные продукты

Frequent use of these products dangerous for life and cause a bunch of diseases

Sausages included in the “death list” of products that are extremely dangerous to humans. This is stated in the statement of the world health organization.

The who explained that sausages “can be made only from meat and spices and, despite the large salt content, the product would be considered of good quality.”

Они есть в холодильнике у всех: особо опасные популярные продукты

They say also that “if the meat is composed of ground conductors, leather and other trim, it increases the amount of fat and reduces the amount of much-needed protein”. In addition, sausages are often mixed with starch, and soy flour.

Doctors say that “eating one hundred grams of cooked meat and a hundred grams of sausage or sausage, the person eventually receives a different amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates”.

According to the who, sausages are too high-calorie product containing “a large amount of cholesterol, saturated fatty acids and TRANS fats”.

At the same time it is extremely a lot of “hidden salt”: for example, one hundred grams of cooked sausage can contain up to three grams of salt.

According to the report, “sausages belong to the group of meat products, which involves the use of various types of processing to enhance taste, extend shelf life and create a more attractive presentation”. Here is the frame as ham, sausage, jerky and canned goods.

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Они есть в холодильнике у всех: особо опасные популярные продукты

Moreover, as reported, “who brought meat products to the Group 1 — products is carcinogenic to humans”. It is reported that “sausages can cause different types of cancer and increase the risk of developing such chronic diseases as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and increases the risk of stroke”.

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