There was a photo of the miracle baby, who was hidden from the world for a year: this is a new era in medicine

Появились фото чудо-ребенка, которого скрывали от мира целый год: это новая эпоха в медицине

In Brazil a woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl thanks to donor uterus. About the event that occurred on December 15 last year, talking only now

Mother was a woman born without a uterus due to the syndrome of Mayer — Rokitansky — Kuster — Hauser (MRKH). This abnormality occurs in approximately one out of 4.5 thousand girls.

When she was 32 years old, doctors transplanted a uterus from her 45-year-old donor, the mother of three children, who died from a stroke. After 37 days the patient started the first menstruation, and after seven months the doctors placed in the uterus the embryo. It got by in vitro fertilization.

The pregnancy proceeded well. According to doctors, watching the woman, the blood acted properly through the arteries of the uterus and the umbilical cord to the fetus. On the date of maturity December 15, 2017, cesarean section was born the healthy baby girl, weighing 2.5 kg. It status Apgar was highly appreciated.

Появились фото чудо-ребенка, которого скрывали от мира целый год: это новая эпоха в медицине

After childbirth the uterus of the woman was removed, freeing her from having to continue to take medication against organ rejection.

Baby doctors are constantly watching. At the time of description of research results the baby was seven months old and it has evolved, like all normal children, healthy.

Появились фото чудо-ребенка, которого скрывали от мира целый год: это новая эпоха в медицине

Today this case is unique because previously women were only transplanted a uterus from live donors. Similarly, 11 women gave birth to healthy children. Now the scientists want to study the experience in the future to use it more often, and plan to develop ways to preserve the uterus outside the body in the best way.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine the situation with organ donation remains difficult. That though as-that to solve, in may the Parliament adopted law No. 2386а-1 on the transplant anatomical materials man. It provides that everyone has the right to accept or refuse post-mortem organ donation.

In turn, the experts do not believe that the country will undergo transplantation breakthrough.

Many discussions of the law has caused in society. Many Ukrainians believe that now they will “look at the bodies”. The presumption of disagreement, which seize the organs the doctors will be able only if the lifetime of the consent of the citizens or postmortem consent of their relatives, the majority of citizens believe, not so much.

We will remind, Ukrainians massively sell my organs for money, the cost is impressive.

As reported Politeka announced the prices for organ transplants.

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