There is now an innovative method for the treatment of back pain: “as soon as not think of this before”

Появился инновационный способ лечения болей в спине: «как только раньше не додумались»

People with bad backs will be treated with the help of video games

Video games with physical exercises reduce chronic lower back pain in older people by 27 %.

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Sydney after studying the effects of mobile video games for people older than 55 years with the use of Nintendo Wii-Fit-U.

These results are comparable to the benefits received under programs monitored by the physical therapists.

“Our study showed that video games with home exercises are an excellent treatment option for elderly people suffering from chronic lower back pain. The participants of the experiment reported a 27% reduction in pain and a 23 percent increase in physical activity,” said Dr. Joshua Zadar, physiotherapist and doctoral student researcher from the School of public health, University of Sydney.

Появился инновационный способ лечения болей в спине: «как только раньше не додумались»

Three times a week for 60 minutes, the volunteers practiced flexibility, strengthening and aerobic exercises without the supervision of your physician. The effect of 8-week programs were comparable exercise programs, performed under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

Volunteers for the experiment were selected at random: 60 participants aged 55 years and older. The study was conducted without the support of the Nintendo Wii.

“Video games with interactive exercises, equipped with video and audiostream, they have feedback, they evaluate the effectiveness of training and inform the patients. These features are motivating and probably explain why compliance with this program was higher than other tests, which instructed the volunteers,” says the study’s author.

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Появился инновационный способ лечения болей в спине: «как только раньше не додумались»

The gaming method of treatment has great potential because supervised visitation physiotherapy can be costly, and the people who live in remote or rural areas do not always have access to them.

Lower back pain is considered the most traumatic and costly musculoskeletal disease around the world. Primarily affecting the elderly. Chronic pain is only getting worse with age and can have a significant impact on body functions.

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