“There is a future in forestry”

claude-dupuis-quitte-cooperative-forestiere(La Tuque) For nearly 20 years, Claude Dupuis is omnipresent in the world of forestry in La Tuque in the Mauricie.

He recently announced he was leaving the region, and thereby the Forestry Cooperative Upper St. Maurice, to pursue new personal challenges.

However, it leaves behind a company’s financial health and emphasizes that there is a future in the forest of La Mauricie.

“It moves a lot on the board and I think these are things that are beneficial to the Mauritian forest. It was a beautiful forest. It was a forest that is complex for both the stand structure to its social structure, that is to say, fishermen, hunters, zecs, logging companies … We must succeed in amalgamating all for that it works. So far, we gave structures and ways to get there in the Mauricie region, “says the Director General of the Forestry Cooperative Upper St. Maurice, Claude Dupuis.

It is clear there is a bright future for forestry, but the government must put our shoulders to the wheel by making changes to the new forest regime in particular.

“I think it remains to solve the problems of fiber cost and all. If the government can give a hand, I think there really is a future for forestry in the Mauricie, a beautiful social forestry. ”

Since Claude was hopeful and it is reassuring. Discussions with the Minister let him believe that the news could be good for the environment in the next budget.

“The Minister has quite reassured us on measures that will be taken in the next budget. This bodes well and it will be the spark plug to restart things. We must see clearly before moving forward, “he says.

The General Manager of the Cooperative is clear, and he insists, his departure is a personal decision. He leaves head high and let the cooperative in good condition.

“I do not want my departure is seen in the middle as a failure and I throw the towel. The decision I have taken, it is a personal decision. This is not because the business goes bad and there is nothing more to do with the plant. Far from there! I do not want there to panic. […] There is a future in forestry. It’s not easy, you just do good deeds. ”

Seventeen years at the helm of the Forestry Cooperative Upper St. Maurice
After 17 years as general manager of the cooperative, Claude Dupuis began to feel fatigue and motivation went away quietly. The man of fifty years needed new challenges.

“Sometimes there is a lack of ideas or motivation. It’s more personal motivation and personal challenges were running out for me, “says Dupuis.

Without hesitation, the Director General said that the recovery of the cooperative since its arrival is his greatest satisfaction and failure of the project of modernization of the sawmill in Rivière-aux-Rats his biggest disappointment.

“The state of the cooperative today is certainly my greatest legacy and the most beautiful thing I’ve succeeded. My biggest disappointment is what happened last spring. Having worked both to mount the file-there and being so close to increase the volume, add a shift at the plant and make the investment of $ 8 million, it’s disappointing. It was a great project, it stops overnight, it’s been my biggest disappointment in this seat here, “said Claude Dupuis.

The latter went and meet new challenges in Saguenay, but in a particularly well-known ground.

“I go to the head of a forestry cooperative as general manager. I remain in forestry, but the context is different, customers are different ways to work are so different … The bea t will be different and there is the magic of the early operating for some years. I want to do a little new for the end of my career. ”

Claude Dupuis therefore share with the feeling of accomplishment. He argues that the financial health of the Coop is very good, there is a good organization, that entrepreneurs are solid and that the management team is competent.

“I think we are able to restart another season, that the world between early season in the forest without much break the head. It will give time for the new Director General of placing its business and to take her place to work folders. ‘

Since he announced his departure, Claude Dupuis was flooded with messages. He received the Mayor phones, the member of his colleagues, his Facebook page was also flooded, sign that he was popular in his community.

“Salute to this great man who led a master hand, our fragile forest industry in the storm and high winds! Claude certainly will be part of our history, “testified Manon Côté, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce and the Upper St. Maurice industry.

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