Their strength does not always correspond to size, the strongest animals in the world

Appearances are deceptive, is a good example of living beings that inhabit the Earth.

Їх сила не завжди відповідає розміру: найсильніші тварини в світі

Most often, the creation of nature, with tiny dimensions, lift or move a weight which exceeds the weight of their own bodies. What are the representatives of the world fauna, which power hundreds of times greater than human, they are the strongest animals on the planet?

Laurels in the ranking of the strongest animals went to the tiny inhabitants of the planet – the copepods, the dung beetle, beetle Rhino, and ants. They are able to lift and move weight, in the tens and hundreds of times your weight of their own bodies. the Only representative of the class of mammals, which made the company the miniature athletes of the world fauna is the largest landsman African elephant, informs Rus.Media.

Fifth place – the African elephant

Їх сила не завжди відповідає розміру: найсильніші тварини в світі

African elephants – huge inhabitants of the African Savannah is not only large, but also the strongest of mammals inhabiting the dry land of the planet. Height at the shoulders of these giants reaches 4 m, the body length is 7.5 m. the Weight varies from 5 to 7.5 tons. Elephants can easily carry a weight equal to 8000 kg, which exceeds the mass of an adult individual. They have no enemies among the neighbors in the habitat – to attack the giant athletes do not dare even the fierce leopards and lions. The head of the noble animal, decorates the trunk, which consists of 40 muscles, the length of which varies from 1.5 to 1.8 m Flexible appendage is a mammal and the organ of respiration, and a tool for the production of food, and a formidable weapon. With it the elephant can carry loads weighing up to 270 kg, and to pick up small objects. Outstanding ability of the giants of the savanna used for commercial purposes by local residents. In some villages the elephants are considered domestic animals and with good care live next to people up to 80 years.

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Fourth place – ant-listers

Їх сила не завжди відповідає розміру: найсильніші тварини в світі

Ants diligently listorti residents of ant of South and Central America can not boast of the size of elephants, but their strength is several times the power of the land of the giants. Insects of the order Hymenoptera, whose body length ranges from 5 to 20 mm, lift weights, 30 or 50 times its own weight. It exceeds human capacity by 25 times. Sharp jaws tireless workers cut pieces of leaves and carrying them to the nest. Each member of the working state weight of 7-9 mg moves for themselves of up to 100 mg of cargo. With him tiny athlete can run even with his head down and navigate the slippery stems, touching the strong legs, the dimensions of which depend on caste. Their prey, the ants do not use for housing and not for human consumption. Insects chew pieces of leaves and use the resulting substance as a compost for growing mushrooms. Their juice is rich in nutrients, is the basis of a menu of miniature creatures.

Third place – rhinoceros beetle

Їх сила не завжди відповідає розміру: найсильніші тварини в світі

Rhinoceros beetle broke the record set by the ants, because the inhabitants of European deciduous forests, can lift the load that is 850 times their weight. Dressed in dark-brown or red-brown armor, beetles, rhinos grow to 47 mm. the Head of adult males is decorated with triangular outgrowth, curved back. The purpose of the horns of biologists are still unknown. The second mystery insects – their diet. Mouthparts that representative of the Coleoptera almost not developed, missing teeth, and chewing muscles are very weak. Among entomologists, it is believed that the beetles live at the expense of reserve stocks of nutrients accumulated by larvae. Another paradox is the ability of insects to fly, which is contrary to the laws of aerodynamics. German physicist Carl Friedrich von weizsäcker believed that realizing the principle of the movement of rhinoceros beetle in the air, scientists learn the principle of flying saucers.

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Second place – dung beetle

Їх сила не завжди відповідає розміру: найсильніші тварини в світі

The beetle unlike their brothers in mind, members of the family novotnik-zeleniuch chose as the supply of animal feces. Finding a pile of dung, the beetles form a ball and then roll the prey to the burrow. They also produce the most expensive – their larvae. The size of the trophy exceeds several times the dimensions of the insects, the body length reaches up to 70 mm. According to scientists, the adult is able to move a weight equivalent to its own weight 1141. Entomologists consist of about 600 species of dung beetles. Their range extends from neoarctic zone to zone tropical forests of Asia and Africa. Insects live in underground burrows, forming small colonies. The role of insects in the ecosystem is invaluable. They recycle the feces of mammals, contributing to the rapid decomposition of manure to organic components. This feature is highly appreciated by farmers. And in Ancient Egypt the scarab, which is a member of the family zeleniuch, was considered a sacred idol.

The most powerful being in the world – Copepods

Їх сила не завжди відповідає розміру: найсильніші тварини в світі

Strong animal in the world is the copepod plankton creature, whose dimensions range from 1 to 3 mm. Miniature creatures living in the depths of the rivers, seas and lakes, 15 to 30 times more than any other species inhabiting the planet. The secret of extraordinary power a tiny inhabitant of the water element is the presence of a microscopic organism from two systems of movement. Thanks to them, the copepods is unknown, the sense of physical fatigue. Life copepods robopogo is performed in a continuous drift in the water column. But sometimes copepods shows the wonders of acrobatics and flies over the surface of the sea at a distance 500 times the length of his body. For fast-paced jump creature uses shock force five pairs of their thin legs and lifted into the air with a speed of 3-6 km/h. the Unique capabilities of copepods interested scientists. Scientists around the world are studying precauci abilities tiny ones for their use in technology of robots and high-speed engines.

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