Theater for the “big” primary

decembre-martin-gougeon-offrira-piece(Granby) A project after another for Martin Gougeon. The summer season of the Theatre of the Old Rectory has just ended the Granbyen tackles his next artistic madness: the room the Recre for the “big” primary.

Martin Gougeon has a habit of youth theater. He not only teaches children, but alongside these regularly. We remember especially the part Brownies presented at the Palace of the commedia dell’arte Mentire and My cardboard celebration in 2014, which was seen by 1,600 children in the region.

The Recre running through his head for a while. “But we had to put the project on ice because teachers pressure tactics last year,” he says.

As in 2014, Martin Gougeon can still count on the collaboration of the High School of the Divine Word, which will allow it to offer a dozen performances of La Recre , in December, in the room of 200 seats perfect for this kind of shows.

What is La Recre ? This is a comedy written for four hands – Martin Gougeon, Martin Boisclair, Laurie Gagne and novelist François Gilbert – played by two professional actors – Laurie Simon Gagne and deposit – which will perform no less than 20 characters.

During 45 minutes, the fourth of the students, 5th and 6th grade will be entitled to 15 scenes which will deal with their lives at school. Friends, family, teachers, sports, small problems, successes … Everything will be addressed through their eyes, promises Martin Gougeon, who is also the director.

“Young people are used to zap, so we chose to present their several small sketches. It currently brings together all the pieces of the puzzle. We must find the right angle to be connected to their reality, while not treat babies, “says the playwright.

In an inventive and minimalist decor, like The Old Rectory has the secret, even the actors change their costumes on stage, to avoid downtime and introduce young people to the theater wings. “We seek to educate the public of tomorrow,” said Mr. Gougeon.

Recess is for all schools in the region. Teachers interested only have to book a date and time on the website of the theater www.ancienpresbytere.com

Video clips will soon be released to prepare young people for the theatrical release.

Good summer

When we visited him on Friday afternoon, Martin Gougeon had both hands in the paint, busy cool walls of his little theater of the rue Saint-Charles, now that the calm is a little income.

The latter is also very pleased with the public response to the piece Call Sauvage, whose performances ended on 27 August. “It was full every night, except for another in August. I am happy. We will be there next summer! “, He assured.

Here, a project more.

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