The youth of Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby opens

maire-saint-alphonse-granby-marcel(Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby) Young of Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby now have a den in the municipality. After years of simmering, the youth house project has now become reality.

Open to adolescents 11 to 17 years on Thursdays between 18 am and 21 pm, Friday from 18 am to 22 pm, and on Saturdays from 14 am to 21 pm, the youth Chalet has been in operation since 30 June. The official opening took place the previous week.

Officials hope accommodate an average of ten adolescents every day, a goal already almost reached. “We have eight to nine young people who go home now,” says the intervener Josianne Grimard.

The whole community project

This is a moment that the idea to arrange a place for teens to the municipality trotted in the head of the elect. “We were young people who were a lot of damage and we decided to take them! “Launches the mayor Marcel Gaudreau jokingly. Claimed by citizens and approved by the board, the project aims to create a gathering place for teens.

In 2011, the municipality has acquired land adjacent to the recreation. A farm building that was there was then converted into a youth center, a job in which was personally involved the mayor, who has long been general contractor. “Mr. Gaudreau has the youth to heart. He wanted to have a place for young people, that they are developing a sense of belonging. There has been strong in construction. This is a project he has taken under his wing, “says Ms. Grimard.

The works represent an investment of just over $ 140,000 by the municipality, an amount far less than the initial assessment of the project, which was initially estimated at over $ 200,000. The Youth of Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby also received a boost of $ 21,263 through the Rural Pact of the MRC Haute-Yamaska, in December 2014.

However, it is the entire city that is caused to engage in the organization.

Also some shopping and the fact that a computer, a TV and refrigerator were provided by the municipality, most of the furniture places were offered by citizens of Mississippi table, table hockey, table soccer , video game consoles, furniture and wood for campfires.

The organization is however still looking for donations, such as board games, address, darts, puzzles, short, enough to occupy young people during rainy days.

Parents are invited to join the parent committee. The beneficiaries of the organization will also have a say in the management of it.

Moreover, the place now belongs to the youth of the municipality. In return, they must keep it clean and care. “We try to involve them for maintenance, says Gaudreau. For example, we put flowers last week, and young people have planted them with the planter. ”

Varied activities

Since arriving in mid-June, Ms. Grimard working hard to find activities that will appeal to its young clientele.

Those who attend Le Chalet would have asked what it takes dance evenings and Rock Band parties. A self-defense course and another makeup in addition to jewelery design course, an improvisation evening at a party “challenge” at a party “cheesy” in amateur photography courses and nightlife awareness and prevention provided in July.

Other outdoor activities will be added to the schedule as you. Already, the youth center is located near the soccer and baseball fields. Josianne Grimard however sees even greater for his proteges. “I want to get the kids outside. I think of an activity Laser Tag, or at the Biodôme for example, “she illustrates.

Ultimately, the final word will be for visitors to the area, she said. “These are young people who will decide which way we will go,” said the speaker.

The organization is located on the Web at mdjlechalet.com and Facebook.

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