The youngest billionaire went to the hospital: the money did not save the beauty

Самая молодая миллиардерша загремела в больницу: деньги не спасли красавицу

Famous model, socialite and the youngest billionaire in history by Forbes, was on a hospital bed

For several days neither the doctors nor the star herself anything specific about the state of health do not speak. Talking about the famous Kylie Jenner. The reality show star is already a few days in the hospital. We only know that the body celebrity became infected and she can’t travel or attend social events or work. It is reported Рoliteka with reference to Twitter of the American star:

“Hey, guys, have to report that, unfortunately, I’m really sick and can’t travel. I’m sorry to miss this show, but I know that my amazing team and my friends who are in town for this event, will help to hold everything at the highest level,” wrote Kylie Jenner.

Самая молодая миллиардерша загремела в больницу: деньги не спасли красавицу

According to Western media reports, her health condition deteriorated on the eve of the first days after the celebrity felt a malaise – she was treated at home, but understood, so illness can not cope and she was hospitalized:

“The model is hospitalized with complications from influenza, accompanied by dry cough and dizziness,” — so said one of the Hollywood tabloid insider.

The diagnosis is not voiced, at the moment we only know that the father of the stars, Kathleen Jenner, child support in the hospital. Kylie Jenner, of course, was full of plans for the near future – among them a trip to Paris, and informed – ceremony Emmy, but because of illness, she literally cannot go outside the clinic where treated.

We will remind, in the spring of this year it became known that at the age of 21 years old model Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire in the world. According to Forbes, the American became the richest in the history of those who earned their capital on their own. She walked in the ranking of the founder of Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg, the older model for 2 years.

As the Jenner is valued at $1 billion, its famous Cosmetics Kylie is worth $900 million, and in 2018 the company’s revenues grew by 9% and amounted to about $360 million

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Самая молодая миллиардерша загремела в больницу: деньги не спасли красавицу

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