The young star “Daddy’s daughters” made a Frank admission: “so depraved”

Юная звезда «Папиных дочек» сделала откровенное признание: «стала развратной»

The actress that everyone loved for her role in the TV series “Daddy’s girls” decided on a candid interview with

17-year-old Ekaterina Starshova, charmed the audience with the role of the small Buttons in the sitcom, told how she bore the fans that she regrets that she became famous.

The girl hopes that soon it will cease finally learn and forget fans. Starshova decided not to become an actress, but chose the medical profession and the attention of fans of the series it already begins to annoy.

Юная звезда «Папиных дочек» сделала откровенное признание: «стала развратной»

“For me it’s not quite what I need, it is a bit annoying. Get used to it, and you just strain studying views from all sides, constant attention to you,” complained the matured button.

She gave examples where the behaviour of fans can be called uppity. For example, strangers on the street, “jump on the shoulders” and without permission start with it to be photographed.

“We were sitting with friends at McDonald’s. A woman came and asked if he could take a picture. I don’t have time to open his mouth to answer, and she pushed all of my friends, freed from food, rearranged the tray and says: “take me, I’m ready”. And the fact that I didn’t say I’m ready – it does not matter,” recalled the unpleasant episode of star “Daddy’s daughters”.

Starshova also spoke about the strain her about the reaction to her photo in social networks.

“I have put online some photos of me on the beach in a bathing suit is causing such controversy around me: “Oh my God, the girl grew up, became so depraved,” complained the actress told reporters. According to her, such statements strain it.

As previously reported, Darya Melnikova, who played in the TV series “father’s daughter” Eugene Vasnetsov, shared a touching photo.

“Husband’s love?” – asked her followers in Instagram.

In response Dasha posted a photo of the tattoo on her arm. The girl stuffed the portrait of the wife of Arthur Smolyaninova. Daria also confirmed that in December 2018 birth to her second child. She added that the delivery was faster, but not much easier than last time. The baby name star is not called.

Юная звезда «Папиных дочек» сделала откровенное признание: «стала развратной»

Melnikov and Smoljaninov got married in 2013. The couple rarely advertise the details of your life. In 2013, they spoke about the birth of a son. First pregnancy Melnikova long concealed, at the end of 2017, fans learned that the child was named after his father. Melnikov occasionally posted pictures of his son from behind and told fans about his upbringing. Younger child it is also not showing.

In Instagram the girl wrote that already a few days reading books on parenting. She plans to create a separate account to communicate with young mothers.

Recall that the star “Daddy’s daughters” for the first time showed a photo of the eldest son: “it’s cool to hang out with this guy.”

As reported Politeka, died the star of the show “Daddy’s girls”: “I managed to inform about the pregnancy.”

Also Politeka wrote that the star “Daddy’s daughters” struck forms in swimsuit: Hot.