The x factor season 9 5 the issue : how was casting in Vinnytsia

The participant lifted the mask impersonator on the stage of “X-factor”.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

On the fifth week the casting STB vocal show “X-factor” season 9 for the first time in all the seasons took place in Vinnytsia – the hometown of the judges of the show Dmitry Shurov. Member of the jury did not miss the opportunity showed the most memorable place for him in his homeland. “I have a dream that this year the talent from Vinnitsa won the show “X-factor”,” – admitted Dmitry Shurov. At Vinnytsia the casting again could not sit still and went on stage with improvisation. Today Nastya Kamensky sang to the accompaniment of the double bass Dmitry Shurov, and Oleg Vinnik sang in a duet with one of the participants, informs Rus.Media.

First tried to fulfill the dream Shurov on Vinnytsia the winner of the attempted student of Vinnitsa medical University, 25-year-old Ncobo, who came to Ukraine from Zimbabwe. Ncsab a big fan of Oleg Vinnik. He knows and loves all the songs winnik and learned Russian language. The first program that he looked in Ukraine, was the “X-factor”. Then Ncsab decided that we should also try their hand at vocal show. “When Oleg Vinnik singing, the women clap and shout. I also want my women were clapping and shouting”, – firmly said man.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

At Vinnytsia casting guy sang the song of Oleg Vinnik “Happiness is different”. The guy has a strong accent, the judge decided that while he is not ready for the competition and will not withstand the competition. The guy got 3 “no” Oleg Vinnik, Andrei Danilko and Dmitry Shurov and 1 for “Yes” from Nastya Kamensky.

The second singer 32-year-old Maria Caneva sang the song of the winner of the Eurovision Marija šerifović “Molitva”, which went to Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka) on 33 votes.

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Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

She received 4 “Yes” from the judges and has gone on to training camp.

Third on stage were made by the members of the group Stilyagi-rokenrols “Ruki in the Pants”. They managed to ignite the room and judges.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

All judges no doubt said “Yes” and the guys went on. Danilko advised the guys to add more of bullying, the judges recognized the performance superbeam. Nastya Kamensky and Dmitry Shurov could not resist, ran to the scene. Dmitry played the double bass and she sang. The panel was held on with 4 “Yes”.

The fourth participant Valentin Stolyarchuk – outwardly strong man survive a complex operation and the disease, but do not quit your dream. Though a terrible disease made him very afraid for his musical future, as forecasts doctors were disappointing. And nobody could promise 29-year-old Valentina, after a serious operation, he can sing. But the desire to make music won.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

Surowo did not like the manner of performance and the guy pitch, he used all the notes of the pianist and all the resources of the singer, but what killed a certain intimacy to the songs, but Dmitry, like all the other judges had heard wonderful singing, good performance and said, “Yes.” The guy went on 4 a Yes. Andrey Danilko really liked the performance of guy, though, and not enough to the freedom guy.

The fifth participant Liora Kotlyar considers himself a fairy and came to the casting of magic. Bright, quirky girl he sang the song of “Imagine Dragons” called “Radioactive”.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

His performance, vocals and a fabulous charming girl captivated the judges and viewers and was held on with 4 “Yes”. Oleg Vinnik called red-fairy “antique”. Danilko said that Liora “good clay”, “say – You’re not going to do.” Dmitry Shurov said the girl particular fallacy, which is to “X-factor” and told the girl with the Renaissance that it fit perfectly in our century.

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The sixth member of the 30-year-old Vasily Turkin, with a bright face, took a few of hundreds of fans of Oleg Vinnik on the casting show “X-factor” season 9 in the winery. A charismatic, handsome man all his life continued his father’s work, and then realized that his calling is not construction, and music.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

So, James bond finally decided to dot the “and” singing the song of my best friend Elvis Presley. The guy got 1 “no” from Dmitry Shurov, 3 “Yes” from Andrei Danilko, Nastya Kamenskih and Oleg winnick and went to training camp. Danilko confused imitation of the original, and Shurov saw Elvis Presley, but never saw the guy.

The seventh participant Victoria Popova sang “The First Time”. The girl loves to travel and entertain people by singing in different corners of the world. Someone’s smile is worth to study music. And all what he wants Victoria to lift everyone’s spirits with their creativity, and that she’s not too bad.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

The performance of Victoria Popova joined the judges of the show Dmitry Shurov and charming NK, which played up and podtantsovyvat cute participants. Victoria got 3 “Yes” from Nastya Kamensky, Oleg winnick and Dmitry Shurov. Danilko said no, because “it is a master of ceremonies to the house of rest”, forecasts the victory of the bad. But the girl was in training camp.

Ivan, Arthur, Eugene and Dan are part of a bright and peculiar group “Lucky4” in less than a year of existence has already managed to remove 4 of the clip. Casting in Vinnytsia Ukrainian boys band presented one of his original songs “I catch You”.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

The group received 1 “no” from Andrei Danilko, who advised the boys to find his face. All other judges were in awe of the boy band and the guys went to training camp with 3 Yes.

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Ninth on the stage to the stage of the “X-factor” released a well-known parodist Valeriy Yurchenko, who sings votes, Alexander Rybak, Verka Serduchka, and even Freddie mercury. The man decided that it’s time to be myself. Known parodist picked up for casting in Vinnytsia hit Valery Meladze called “Heaven.” Yurchenko from childhood was interested in music, but in 40 years, decided to go on stage is not “in the way” and sing with your own voice, not copying anyone. “I can’t remember when he sang with his voice, when he went on the stage without masks, without accessories, without makeup”, – he said. Their execution was not impressed the judges. After consulting, they decided to give husband 2 hours to prepare another song and again seem, which is extremely rare, almost never happens on “X-factor”.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

The second song of Valeriy Yurchenko from the repertoire of Muslim Magomayev “Blue eternity”. Dmitry Shurov believes that Valery sang a romantic song, and cried and said “no.” From Nastya Kamensky, Oleg winnick and Andrey Danilko impersonator got 3 “Yes” and went to training camp. Oleg Vinnik expressed his respect for the artist because he so quickly prepared an elaborate song.

Tenth extraordinary energetic group of “BAKENBARDY” has made the author’s song “Staph Dmitry”. His performance and crazy dance group lifted the mood of the audience and judges.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

All those crazy dance scene of “X-factor” long time no see.

Completed casting in the winery of the show “X-factor” season 9 talented Alexander Kozelek. The judges liked the strangeness of the guy and his rendition of “I Started A Joke”.

Х-фактор 9 сезон 5 випуск : як пройшов кастинг у Вінниці

Alexander went to training camp with 4 Yes.


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