The wreckage of a Chinese spacecraft could fall on Europe

In ESA (European space Agency) reported that the Chinese space debris vehicle Tiangong-1, which can not burn in the atmosphere, will probably fall on the territory of Europe. The Agency plans to conduct monitoring of falling parts of the spacecraft.

Holger Krag, acting head of monitoring space debris, says that to accurately predict the fall of the fragments is impossible. Because of the geometric orbit of the station only knows that the wreckage will not fall in the area North of 43 degrees latitude North and South of 43 degrees South latitude.

This means that China’s space ship could fall at any place located between these latitudes. For example, in some European countries. It is also noted that the exact trajectory of the remainder of the Tiangong-1, the exact time and date, can be predicted only approximately.

However, the fact that the wreckage of the ship falls to the planet Earth-the statement is not accurate. This happens in the case of no combustion in the atmosphere of some parts of the ship. A huge percentage of what all-taki to reach the surface of our planet they will not succeed.

The incident with the Tiangong-1 occurred in 2016. Then China lost touch with him. In our time the spacecraft is in Earth orbit, at an altitude of 300 kilometers. Presumably from January to March, 2018, the spacecraft can begin its entry into the top layers of our atmosphere.

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