The world’s first passenger capsule the Hyperloop revealed in Spain

Spain hosted the presentation of the world’s first passenger capsule ultra-fast transport system.

The presentation of the capsule in Cadiz was spent by the company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT).

Capsule developers named Quintero One. It was established in the Spanish company Carbures. Its length is 32 m and a weight of about 5 t to Carry it maybe 30 to 40 people.

To create this capsule, the developers took about five years. Capsule can move at speeds over 1000 kilometers per hour, so that from Cadiz to Barcelona, it will take passengers less than an hour.

Soon completed Assembly of the interior of the capsule. It is carried out in the French city of Toulouse.

It is planned that first trip Quintero One will make in three years. According to the plan, the services of passenger transportation will begin in five years in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China.

The project of creating a train Hyperloop was proposed in 2012 by the Mask. He talked about the fact that transport can be a system of pipes above the ground, in which the speed of 1.22 thousand km/h will move the capsule. At the same time due to the effect of airbag capsule will not katsa walls of pipes.

Terminada la primera cápsula de Hyperloop, el tren que uniría Madrid y Barcelona en 30 minutos

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