The world is on the brink of nuclear war: US and Russia put missiles, emergency treatment

Мир на пороге ядерной войны: США и Россия навели ракеты, экстренное обращение

Russia continues to “play on the nerves” of the United States, developing new types of weapons

This is reported by “Accents”.

“Russia under the guise of working on strengthening the security of its own borders is working on a weapon, the purpose of which is not defense, but offensive. The EA compare the Russian economy with the economy of the Netherlands, saying that the arms takes most of the budget of the nuclear powers. In particular, local scientists are working on modernization of delivery vehicles, hypersonic glide vehicles and hypersonic missiles,” — said Advisor to Donald trump on national security Affairs John Bolton.

Мир на пороге ядерной войны: США и Россия навели ракеты, экстренное обращение

In addition, says the us official, Russia distributes technology to potential adversaries of the United States.

“…what the White House is well aware. Geopolitical games of Kremlin are a constant headache for the Pentagon, but that does not mean that the US failed to take action against the new leaks of sensitive information”, — underlined in the message.

Moreover, in America are going to fight the threat in that case, if the potential of it to become apparent. Meanwhile, in Russia prostat closed testing of new vehicles, and these tests fail, as evidenced by the recent explosion under the Severodvinsk. Experts from the Pentagon believe that in that case, if the Kremlin had a real opportunity to attack enemies, it would have already been implemented.

As previously reported, the Internet gave the answer to the question of what is more dangerous for the Earth – a nuclear warhead or a tsunami. This is stated on the channel “Let’s compare” video on Youtube.

“How much do you know about the most dangerous natural disasters in the history of mankind? and about the nuclear weapons? Did you know that the first atomic bomb in human history was called “the Kid” and the world’s smallest tsunami is considered a normal wave? What do you think is more dangerous: a tsunami or a nuclear bomb?”, — stated in the message.

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