The world and the atmosphere

The Director General of the Quebec City Summer Festival, Daniel Gélinas, shows an aerial photography captured in 2015 during the passage of the Rolling Stones on the Plains of Abraham. There are people everywhere and it is normal, since the 102 000 people who attended the event representing the largest crowd in the history of the event.

“We have a good audience, great people, very friendly. There is never incident “, argued Wednesday the director, during a visit to the newspaper. It builds on the atmosphere as much as the strong program that will deploy from 7 to 17 July to refuel spectators again.

On the big stage, three dates stand out of the lot: Sting and Peter Gabriel July 7, the Red Hot Chili Peppers 16 and Rammstein 17. In the first case, the focus is on the scarcity effect, since the duo will occur only 19 times in North America. “It will be a magical moment,” anticipates Daniel Gélinas.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, themselves, did not play in Quebec since 2004. They were claimed insistently by the regulars of the festival, while Rammstein has forced the hand of the director general, reluctant to re-invite training if assessed either -she.

“It’s one of the only shows I was ready to do it again, he confirms. This group is so spectacular. I’ve never seen anything so crazy and use of fire, pyrotechnics, is unique. I describe it as an urban metal rock opera. ”

regional presence

Of course, no artist of the region do not enjoy the visibility of Galaxy in the first part of the Stones. However, local talent will take the law on many occasions, as illustrated by the presence of Philippe Brach at Place d’Youville (16 July), as well as clock running Simard (7 July) and Attila (12 July) in Anti Bar & Entertainment.

Another haunt of the emerging scene will be added this year, close to the parliament. This is a relatively intimate outdoor stage, where from 2000 to 4000 people can attend free of charge, to three shows from 17h. Note the passage of Dolmissoise Alexe Gaudreault, who will sing there on 16 July.

To return to the Plains of Abraham, they will be the scene of several theme nights. On July 12, for example, the country will be honored through Sheryl Crow and Brad Paisley, a sign that the experiment undertaken with Keith Urban last year, was conclusive.

For their part, the nostalgic will scroll Neil Finn of Crowded House group, the legendary Bryan Ferry and Duran Duran, 15 July. “People have the feeling of living a mini-festival” suggests Daniel Gélinas.

The menu is so extensive (250 shows over ten scenes) that despite the absence of a locomotive like the Stones and despite the sale 400 000 to 500 000 tickets at Videotron Centre, the festival has maintained its gains. “There were 120,000 bracelets on the market and it is not off the mark,” says the CEO.

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