The woman was discovered in the kitchen an icon of the Renaissance: worth 6 million euros

Женщина обнаружила на кухне икону эпохи Возрождения: стоит 6 млн евро

An ordinary woman inadvertently found myself in the kitchen icon with a cost of 6 million euros

A resident of the popular tourist town Campeni (France) found in his kitchen over the stove, the icon of the Renaissance, which for hundreds of years. The painters appreciated the value creation from 4 to 6 million euros.

The icon belongs to the brush of Giovanni Cimabue (real name is Channy di Pepo), who wrote in the 13th century. This is probably part of a diptych created by Cimabue in the year 1280, and depicting the suffering of Christ in eight scenes. Before that it was known two scenes of a diptych — “Madonna and child with two angels” (national gallery, London) and “Flagellation of Christ” (Frick Collection, new York).

Женщина обнаружила на кухне икону эпохи Возрождения: стоит 6 млн евро

The woman showed the canvas size of 25.8 20.3 cm evaluators who said that the work is called “Christ Oleny” and belongs to the Florentine 13th century painter Giovanni Cimabue.

It is known that the icon is going to sell at auction. And it is also reported that two other works from this series are stored in the national gallery in London.

As we wrote earlier, scientists discovered a unique mural of Christ in Israel at the site of the burnt Church. It was found during the excavations in Hippos.

On the mosaic depicts the story from the Bible when Jesus fed a small amount of food more than 5,000 residents.

This mosaic was found in the vicinity of the ancient Church, which was burned 700 goal of our era. But she managed to survive at the same time. Scientists have suggested that the fire it filled up the remnants of the Church and thus it is not affected by the fire.

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Женщина обнаружила на кухне икону эпохи Возрождения: стоит 6 млн евро

Recall that scientists have discovered the skull of a woman who died at the age of 30 to 40 years, about 5400 BC, in 1996. All this time the exhibit was at the National Museum of Gibraltar and, finally, researchers decided to examine the skull with the most modern technologies.

Experts managed to recreate the look of a woman who lived 7.5 million years ago. Through DNA testing it was found that the woman was dark-haired and dark-eyed. And her features are not particularly different from features of modern people.

Apparently, the woman lived on the territory of modern Turkey.

As reported Politeka, scientists caught a shark-the age of Shakespeare: the oldest on the planet, photos of a giant.

Recall that scientists have found the hidden part of the Earth’s age is four billion years: mystery solved.

Also Politeka wrote about a unique object found in space: “the size of the Sun”, disclosed details of