The woman tied to his children and drowned in the Bay: the cause of violence

Женщина привязала к себе детей и утопила в бухте: названа причина расправы

27-year-old woman tied to his two children and drowned in the Bay: under criminal investigation.

According to the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee, the incident was discovered about 11 o’clock on 9 September in Vilyuchinsk. Eyewitnesses called the police, reported by “Arguments and Facts”.

Six girl died even before arrival of militiamen. Five-year-old pseudo-mother swallowed too much water, which the doctors failed to save the baby died in intensive care. The woman survived after she was pulled from a pond.

Женщина привязала к себе детей и утопила в бухте: названа причина расправы

Currently, the police is carrying out investigative actions to establish all the circumstances of the crime. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case “Murder of two young persons” under paragraphs “a” and “b” of the second part of article 105 “of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation”.

A friend suggested that terrible crime the suspect pushed the jealousy. She recently broke up with her husband, and the man (father of the youngest child) went to live with another woman.

Женщина привязала к себе детей и утопила в бухте: названа причина расправы

Earlier it was reported that in the Kharkiv region was judged a woman who drowned her newborn daughter in a cesspool. The tragedy occurred in March 2018, reports Vgorode.

Resident Bliznyukovsky district, learning in the summer of 2017, she was pregnant, decided any ways to get rid of the baby. She took medicines and herbal decoction, but neither worked.

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Realizing that all attempts in vain, built in the head of a monstrous plan. When her daughter was born and uttered the first cry, the woman covered her mouth with cloth and kept for 10 minutes. After the baby has ceased to give life signs, the mountain-mother placed the body in a bucket and then carried him into the cesspool.

To relatives have learned nothing and found a corpse in a few days she returned to the scene and threw it in the toilet a piece of fabric covering the girl’s body.

The examination found that the child’s death was due to strangulation. The court has asked to send would-be mother to prison for three years, but after hearing the defense, the judge reduced the sentence to two years probation for three years.

Recall, a young Ukrainian woman brutally murdered in Poland.

As reported Politeka, a resident of Kharkiv region sent the young lover in the intensive care unit.

Politeka also wrote that police detained a “film-lover”.