The woman lost a leg because of the perfume bottle: “the fingers are hanging down”

Женщина потеряла ногу из-за флакона духов: "пальцы свисали вниз"

A resident of the UK tearfully asked to cut off her limb

A few years ago, 42-year-old Jill Haddington, living in the English County of Lancashire, broke a bottle of perfume. As a result, the woman hurt her leg by shrapnel.

After some time on the cut extremity formed ulcers and inflammation. Also leg increased 2 times, and the fingers began to hang down. Only when the pain became unbearable, the British went to the doctors.

The doctors diagnosed with “complex regional pain syndrome”. This is a rare form of chronic pain syndrome, usually affecting an arm or a leg. People with this illness constantly complain of discomfort.

Женщина потеряла ногу из-за флакона духов: "пальцы свисали вниз"

After visiting the hospital Haddington started to go in the stroller. The woman had to rely on the help of family.

Over time, the situation with my leg is not improved, and was even worse. Then the doctors sent the patient for x-rays and scans. The results of the study showed no trauma, no fractures.

They then assumed — the patient suffers from fibromyalgia. With this diagnosis a person experiences pain throughout the body and the “points” in connection with elevated levels of certain substances in the nervous system and the brain.

According to the woman at the time her limb brought her only trouble.

“My leg was already dead to me, it was the cause of severe pain and misery. I just wanted to continue to live a normal life,” shared Jill.

The woman tearfully asked to cut off her leg. Surgeons doubted, but, realizing that the miserable suffering from the unbearable pain spent an amputation.

Женщина потеряла ногу из-за флакона духов: "пальцы свисали вниз"

After surgery, the Briton put on the denture and left the carriage. According to her, a new adaptation, though not perfect, but removal of the limb was the best solution.

Today Haddington again engaged in swimming. She plans to take part in a charity competition.

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Женщина потеряла ногу из-за флакона духов: "пальцы свисали вниз"

Burch a week recovering from dehydration and severe food poisoning caused by bacteria. After the course the girl returned home, but eventually her legs refused.

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