The wife of Monetica stunned candid photos in a swimsuit: “shape – fire”

Жена Монатика ошеломила откровенным фото в купальнике: "фигура - огонь"

The wife of Monetica Irina Demicheva released a new photo in his Instagram

Ukrainian singer and judge of the show Voice MONATIK keeps everything that’s going on in his personal life, a big castle, says Сlutch. He never showed the faces of his sons, and his wife, whose name is Irina Demicheva, also known not so much.

The wife of Mantica with the artist from the very beginning of his career and he often expresses his feelings to a lady in his profile in Instagram. He does not get tired to thank his beloved and says that she supported him always.

Жена Монатика ошеломила откровенным фото в купальнике: "фигура - огонь"

Yesterday, July 2, at his Instagram the wife of Monetica released a new photo. Photo appeared in stories from Irina, and she imprinted herself on the front camera. The photo got girl face with sunglasses on it, and part of the bust of the swimsuit. Note that Irina is not often publishes such photos.

The picture shows a good looking spouse star. The woman has a great figure, which underlines the elegant and bright swimsuit with thin spaghetti straps. Users showered the wife of Monetica compliments, and, indeed, the figure is great, despite the fact that she gave birth to two sons.

A couple of weeks ago Мonatik together with his wife went on a trip. They visited in the Netherlands, Turkey, and more than a week spent in Cuba where I’m going to fly back home.

We will remind, the wife of Dmitry Montica conquered the network in an unusual way, which posed the pictures published on his page in social network Instagram.

It should be noted that the photo on the page of the wife of Monetica appear quite rare, however, always cause a storm of emotions from the fans.

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This time the wife of the singer showed a photo of Dmitry, taken during their trip to Amsterdam. The picture shows the singer posing near one of the objects in the famous Museum of modern art Moco Museum.

Жена Монатика ошеломила откровенным фото в купальнике: "фигура - огонь"

The singer on the submitted photo depicts one of the exhibits, which in English is written “Dream”. Dmiry dressed in a yellow sweatshirt, and on his shoulders he has a red backpack.

“The man of my dreams”, is briefly signed Irina your new picture posted on the page in Instagram.

Netizens, in turn, has begun to actively comment on what he saw, strongly admiring and singer, and his wife Irina.

Recall Dorofeeva and Monatik made the fans a big surprise.

As reported Politeka, Dorofeeva admitted to Monetise in something very intimate.

Also Politeka wrote that Monatic during the concert fell on the stage