The widow of a famous singer was prettier and cheered: “life goes on”

Вдова знаменитого певца похорошела и повеселела: «жизнь продолжается»

Younger widow of a famous singer would often appear in public in outfits

The widow died in August last year, the singer Joseph Kobzon Nelli decided not to keep the year of mourning for her husband.

Increasingly, 68-year-old widow, met on various secular parties. She’s clearly younger and is in a good mood. Life goes on, decided Nelli Kobzon and start much more often than the husband to appear in public. See it at concerts, film festivals, ballet.

Вдова знаменитого певца похорошела и повеселела: «жизнь продолжается»

“The enviable bride” – whether in jest, whether seriously talking about her friends.

The widow carefully considered makeup, hair and outfits. She always wears stylish and expensive, her exquisite jewels.

Note that married. she was almost 50 years old. The famous couple’s two children and seven grandchildren.

Now the widow of singer heads a charitable Cultural Foundation of Joseph Kobzon.

As previously reported, the resurrected Joseph Kobzon suddenly shocked the audience. A ridiculous embarrassment drew the attention of Western journalists from publications Financial Times Max Seddon, who is now working in the Russian capital.

In particular, the reporter witnessed the sudden appearance of the living Joseph Kobzon on TV, which was devoted to the New year. “Damn it, they filmed it so long ago that it is Joseph Kobzon! He died in August!”, — outraged Seddon in his personal microblog on Twitter, attaching a photo.

Вдова знаменитого певца похорошела и повеселела: «жизнь продолжается»

Users also reacted to a ridiculous embarrassment and joked that “Joseph Kobzon specially resurrected for the filming of the program”.

“Zombie Apocalypse”, “Dead tape”, “Crimea did not bother twist for 2014, He just raised for the filming of”, “Joey and his belly button is alive, the ashes scattered by the astronauts returned back”, “Esja got to see the birthday of Stepan,” they write in the comments under the post Western journalist.

Вдова знаменитого певца похорошела и повеселела: «жизнь продолжается»

Recall that in discussing the demise of Kobzon: don’t forget the Botox baton pass.

As reported Politeka, Kobzon gave a Frank interview before admission.

Also Politeka wrote that Russia was urgently hospitalized star of Soviet films.