The whole truth about the behind the scenes of “Women’s Quarter” from Elena Kravets

Saturday, 13 October at 21:15, in the new issue of “Women’s Quarter” (channel 1 1) Elena Kravets in a candid monologue will tell all the details behind the scenes of the project.

Вся правда про закулісся "Жіночого Кварталу" від Олени Кравець

Participants in the new Comedy show will make fun of himself and men to sing, dance and even cry. Elena Kravets will read a monologue devoted to the “Women’s Quarter”:

As I waited a long time project that immediately home, I will. We are an equal share of tears and role, all one powder, lipstick and colds. In the “Women’s Quarter” we love the order said three to be on the dot all four…

Participation in the project will take and other popular comedians – in particular, Eugene Mishka and Vladimir Zelensky. “In one of the productions Vova Zelensky tries to leave his girlfriend-boxer Cindy Short and stay alive”, – intrigued the creators of the show. Informs Rus.Media.

Вся правда про закулісся "Жіночого Кварталу" від Олени Кравець

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