The whole city went under water: images of the Apocalypse

Целый город ушел под воду: кадры апокалипсиса

Under the water were basements of buildings and stores, subways, streets

Transport with great difficulty walking on the roads of the city, and people crossing the street knee-deep in water.

Powerful storms – heavy rain and hail struck the Russian town of Orenburg on Tuesday, August 28. Instantly the streets were flooded, which affected the vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Public transport runs intermittently, Russian media reported.

Целый город ушел под воду: кадры апокалипсиса

Passers-by have to take off their shoes and roll up pants to the knee, otherwise the road just won’t go.

Also was flooded underpasses, basements of buildings and stores. Some sections of the road just sank and there was a threat to people and car failures.

Forecasters warn the locals – everything is just beginning. In the coming days the city will fall heavy rains, is cold and strong wind.

As we wrote earlier, the Russian Magnitogorsk completely flooded due to heavy rain and hail. Due to the fact that the city is no normal storm, the streets literally went under water. Water seeped even into homes.

The streets turned into “rivers”, so drivers had to leave the machines to themselves to escape, local media reported. In addition, the car was stalling right on the roads because of what happened a few accidents.

Целый город ушел под воду: кадры апокалипсиса

The network has already written that it’s some kind of biblical curse — a permanent cover of disaster — fires, floods.

Целый город ушел под воду: кадры апокалипсиса

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Earlier in Russia in the Irkutsk region as a result of severe flooding were flooded nearly four thousand houses in which live more than nine thousand people. Water damaged 13 road bridges.

Целый город ушел под воду: кадры апокалипсиса

The most difficult situation was in the town of Tulun. There was no electricity. The city impounded the 887 residential houses, inhabited by 1771 people. Rescuers evacuated about a thousand people. In the region was introduced a state of emergency.

Целый город ушел под воду: кадры апокалипсиса

Due to heavy flood Irkutsk oblast literally went under water. Element has already claimed the lives of several people. Among the dead is 8-year-old boy.

From the disaster zone were evacuated about a thousand people. To compensate those affected by the disaster has already allocated more than a billion rubles.

Recall that Ukraine is waiting for a global flood: the residents of which regions is to be feared.

As reported Politeka, powerful elements wash away the city from the face of the Earth, footage of the accident: 63 dead.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine is threatened by flooding: dozens of cities could disappear from the face of the earth.