The Western media In Moldova revealed the fraud of insulin, which involved the Ukrainian company “Farmak”

Западные СМИ: В Молдове раскрыто мошенничество с инсулином, в котором замешана украинская компания «Фармак»

In Moldova the investigation associated with the purchase of an insulin product in Ukraine

In July 2019 the national center for the fight against corruption Moldova opened criminal case in connection with public procurement Strim insulin manufactured by the company “Farmak SAP”, which is one of the largest Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies.

About it reports “Euroreporter” with reference to the British edition of “Talk Finance”, informs the edition Voice.

By words a press-the Secretary of anti-corruption Agency Angela Starinski, the center conducts investigation in connection with the “organization of the public tender procedures for purchase of medicines for people with diabetes”. Several people were questioned and their documents were seized in connection with this case. According to the tender documents, 20 thousand doses of biosulin Strim production Farmak SAP was delivered from Ukraine to Moldova company EsculapFarm.

However, the product under the same name does not exist in Ukraine, and it has not been registered by the European medicines Agency (EMA). It turned out that Strim is made in India. According to the investigation, credible evidence of his safety, the newspaper reports. According to the Moldovan newspaper, the application procedure for the purchase of insulin was opaque: the terms and conditions have changed several times. Moreover, the amount the government was willing to spend on a new insulin, significantly increased 100 million lei instead of 21.6 million lei.

After an investigation, the Secretary of state of the Ministry of health Boris Gilca said that he was being blackmailed, that he signed the order about purchase of insulin Strim. “Insulin was was very fast, which is suspicious. This product has not been studied, no data on its effect on the body, and I can’t understand how he was allowed to participate in the bidding,” he said. Approval Gulki in the case was also attended by several persons with their own interests. “I long for two weeks, doubted, before signing the order. There was a lot of pressure and even threats, including the threat of dismissal,” admits gilka.

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The administration Strim requires an additional injection device. According to Boris Gulki, such devices have not been used in the EU for more than five years. For the convenience of the patients of Moldova also refused to use an additional cartridge. Therefore, the change of the conditions of the tender after registration of Strim in the day of the signing of the document looked suspicious. The official claims that this product is used in Ukraine in 3-4 percent of cases for people in detention. In Moldova, the end users hardly used the product for lack of credibility.

According to the British newspaper, in late July, the Moldovan Committee for medicines refused to register the product, as it was not known exactly what side effects it can cause in people with diabetes. The Ministry of health and law enforcement agencies of Moldova believe that this large-scale fraud. Transferring technology and recording products before issuing permission for marketing in Moldova, the manufacturer did not provide sufficient evidence of efficacy and safety biosimilar in the registration dossier and used research materials Indian manufacturers without their own research.

Moldovan journalists believe that the product was delivered to the Moldovan market of corruption due to the close relations of the Ukrainian company Farmak SAP with government officials of Moldova, responsible for the delivery of pharmaceutical products in the country.

According to Deutsche Welle, the family Zhebrivskyi had problems with transparency of business in Germany in 2018. A German company relating to the pharmaceutical Empire Zhebrivskyi, has not made the names of their beneficial owners to the transparency Register, which is a violation of the laws on tax evasion and money laundering.