The West has accused of “collusion” with Putin (VIDEO)

Запад обвинили в »сговоре» с Путиным (ВИДЕО)

The US and Europe would release all political prisoners in Russia within two hours. However, do not do this, because they are not profitable such actions.

This broadcast ObozTV said Russian human rights activist Nikolai Shchur. According to him, the problem is that hundreds of billions of Russian dollars are working for the European economy.

“I repeat: if the Americans, the Germans, the British wanted to, they would return within two hours not only whales, but all political prisoners. But they don’t want to fight with the dictator. Specifically, Mr. trump, Mrs. Merkel, Mrs. may. They don’t want to fight, although their leverage is more than enough,” explained Schur.

He is confident that Europe and America convenient to have just such a Putin in power. While all the talk about democracy, according to human rights, it is only a fable for the poor and for the electorate.

“The Kremlin is not considered not only the lives of Ukrainians, but also Russians, Syrians, Chechens and all the rest. So there is nothing surprising”, — said Schur.

He concluded: the possible death of the political prisoners would not worry about Russia: “you will Die means will die. The Kremlin is not affected.”

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